Zombie Chic - Halloween Mask (lots of pics)


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Hi all, long time no see.

Been playing around with my idea for halloween tonight. Followed the MAC Zombie Chic mask but kinda ran with it and did a little more.

Clickable thumbnails

What I used:

Barbara Daly Foundation in Ivory
MAC Pink pigment
MAC Flirty Number e/s
MAC Bright Fuchsia
MAC Fuchsia pigment
MAC Entrmauve pigment
MAC Engraved powerpoint
MAC blacktrack fluidline
MAC shimpagne MSF
MAC lovestone Mineralize e/s
Too Faced Lash Injection
Mister Mascara false lashes
MAC Lip gelee in Who's that lady

All comments welcome.



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Thank you, had fun doing it and it didn't take that long, but you could probably tell that from the rushed job.

I am currently sitting doing an Xmas Elf challenge. I don't think it's going well lol.


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Great job! Especially the blending and the liner, gorgeous. The colours are amazing on your eyes