Zombie Makeup Challenge!


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I CHALLENGE you to make yourself UNDEAD!!! :D

I know all of us are all very accomplished with beauty makeup, but we need to stretch ourselves a bit! In order to be calling ourselves "makeup artists" we ought to know how to do ALL kinds of makeup. Being versatile is important, and special FX skills are a huge plus on any MUA's resume. Let's all practice at zombie makeup! This is completely do-able with alot of MAC makeup but stage makeup helps. One other thing---you've got to get creative and move past JUST using brushes! Find at least one household object that can give you an interesting effect on the skin (i.e. brillo pad dipped in dark green eyeshadow and stippled on the skin can simulate mold growth). I posted some how-to tips here:


I'm going to be doing my zombie makeup look within the next couple days, but I'd love to see it get as big as my "Retro Pin-Up Girl" challenge!

Let's do this, Specktrettes! BRRRRAAAAAINNNNNNS!