Zombies and Vampires! Rawr!


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This was hubby and I for work on Friday. This is about the only time he'll let me put makeup on him, lol. Pardon my faded lips, this was after an 8 hour shift at work and 1 meal at Denny's. I didn't realize he was still wearing his casino gaming badge, so that's what the thing is on his shirt:

His face: Fyrinnae Quartz mineral foundation, UD's "S&M" in hollow of cheekbone, and NYX Black sparkle e/s around eye socket, blended out really well. White contacts. Fake blood dripping down chin.



My face:
LG Spackle
Fyrinnae Quartz foundation

UD's "S&M" in hollow of cheekbone
NARS Albatross, and MAC Lark About on top of cheekbone
No blush at all

ELF e/s primer
B.E. Cat Woman on lid, lower lid
MAC Trax and Bright Fuschia pigment in crease,and under lower lid, blended out
MAC Reflects Blackened Red over all e/s on lid
Nyx Doll Eyes Mascara
White contacts

Outlast Lipstain in burgundy
Black eyeliner as lipliner
MAC HK Most Popular

I did have silver fangs in that I ended up using superglue to attach, but after about 3 hours they kept popping out so I gave up. I bought some denture adhesive to attach them for Saturday night.