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    What happened to the Heavy Metal GLitter Eye Gels?

    I went on the site and don't see them at all? Not even in the RIP section? Anyone know if they are gone for good or will they be reformulated? These had so much more glitter than the liners, maybe that's why they didn't sell?
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    $50 for one lipstick!---> need a dupe please!!

    Dear Mr. Tom Ford, I love you Sir....but I have budget constraints! Ladies- what is the closest lip color I can get to this one? Even if I decide to buy this particular brand- I rarely wear lipstick and I want to be sure I will get good use out of it. I'd like to be comfortable with this...
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    I need metallic/chrome GOLD nail polish recs please?

    Any solid gold nail polish makers out there?
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    Where can I find Essence XXL shine lipgloss?

    I saw this picture in the product swatch thread- and I would love to try it. Is it a drugstore brand?
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    Shu False Eyelashes--are thy worth the price?

    I read on another site that all false eyelashes are basically made from the same company- whether they are the $3 ones from Ardell or the $20 ones from Shu Uemura? Anyone tried them?
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    NEW! UD Midnight Cowboy E/S & liner Set!

    Ahhh! I have such an obsession with the Heavy Metal liners- I feel like I must have them all. I'm a MU newbie- so I'm pretty scared of eyeshadow, but I really want this set. On makeupalley the reveiws say that using Midnight Cowboy e/s will get glitter all over your face. Should I buy Primer...