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    Retinol creams

    My derm just started me on a new skin care program adding retinol starting twice a week. He said I may experience peeling and redness until my skin gets used to it. So far I've only used it once and my skin has been peeling and looking awful for days. Not to mention it's red, feels...
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    Laline Body Products

    I just went on a trip to CA and at Fisherman's Wharf, there was a store called Laline. I got a shower gel and body lotion in the musk scent. I really like it! It's such a great scent and the lotion is not greasy at all. Anyone else ever tried their products?
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    Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

    Help! I am a slimy mess today! I love BB Beach products but this body oil is too much. I am leaving oil prints all over my desk. Any tips?
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    OPI Hoda and Kathy Lee

    Does anyone know when OPI Hoda and Kathy Lee are coming out for sale? And where?
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    Gilded Green - 1st photo attempt! So, I took this picture myself in my bathroom getting ready for a bbq on Sat! Here's what I used: Eyes: Mac Gilded Green pigment, Mac Whistle (Barbie), Mac Satin Taupe, MAC fluidline in dipdown, water line used UD Graffiti, UD mascara...
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    Jennifer Aniston's Perfume: Lovalie

    I am so excited for this perfume! I think it's only out at Harrod's now. Anyone else waiting for it?
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    MAJOR headaches with periods...

    Hi all. In the past year I started developing headaches (very bad) when I get my period and never, ever had that problem before. Went to my Gyno and he told me to try Sarafem and I tried it for one month and it really did help but it's expensive and I hate taking pills. I was just wondering...
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    Angel Sunessence - Thierry Mugler

    Has anyone tried the Angel Sunessence perfume? I tried it at the mall yesterday and it seems nice - not as heavy as the original Angel. Just wondering if anyone had bought it and what they think of it! Thanks
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    DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

    Has anyone bought one of these yet? I smelled them in ULTA today and loved the red one (Ripe Raspberry). But I could not afford it today
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    Hello Kitty Big Bow Lipstick

    Hi everyone! I just got the HK Big Bow lipstick (from and it's much brighter (flourescent-like) than I thought it would be. Not sure it really looks that good on me. Does anyone else feel the same and what did you do to tone it down? A certain shade of gloss maybe?
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    Using baby oil to take off eye makeup

    Hi all! I use baby oil to take off my eye makeup - have since I've been a teenager. Anyone else? I have tried so many other prodcuts but they either burn my eyes or don't fully remove the makeup. The baby oil can't be bad for you, right? I figure I'm keeping my eyes moisturized as well.
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    Paris Hiltons SIREN

    Hey! Has anyone bought Paris Hilton's Siren perfurme yet? I got handed a scent card at Macy's and love the smell!
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    Seche Vite (for nails)

    Hi all! I saw a girl on youtube talking about how great Seche Vite dry fast top coat is so I went out and got it at ULTA last night and used it this morning. I can't wait to see how well it performs. It's supposed to not chip at all and last a long time. Anyone else a user?
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    New to Specktra

    Hi all! New here and can't wait to share ideas with you all! I just recently started collecting MAC products and am an addict I am a product junkie living in New Jersey. Going to my first MAC application class on Saturday and can't wait.