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    MAC ISO list!

    Ok just a few to start out with... Lipstick: Bare Slim Shine Lingerie Lustreglass: Morning Glory Spring Bean Eyeshadow: n/a Lipgelee: n/a Pigments:
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    My MAC collection!

    I posted pics a looong time ago, but here's my collection updated! First the lipsticks & glosses, will post the rest later! Quick Sizzle, Girl About Town, Candy Yum Yum, Show Orchid, Pink Nouveau Metal Maven, Bubbles, Blast O Blue, Summer Shower, Ruffian Gold...
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    collective haul!

    including items from Champale, Peacocky, some CCO stuff and a couple random hauls Kissable Lipcolours: Enchantee, Flaunting It Dazzleglasses: Rue d'Rouge, Euro Beat, Stop! Look! True Babe Lipglass Luminary Lustreglass Lipgelees: Luxure, Sin-tillation Black...
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    Spring Colour Forecast + CCO haul!

    here's what I got: from the cco I got Blue Peep f/l, Naked Honey Skin Salve & a 222 brush & then from mac I got 2 of VG Gaga l/s, Bubblegum l/s, Electric Fuchsia l/g, All That Glitters and Patina pans & a quad
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    CCO haul

    Here is what I got from my CCO this past Saturday; Idol Eyes e/s, Smoking Eyes quad, Shadowy Lady quad I can't CP Smoking Eyes, I got the only one my CCO had!
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    tiny GBNF Haul!

    Ok I haven't bought anything from MAC in a while. I think the last thing I bought was one of those lip tints from Love That Look. So someone posted about ordering Spiced Chocolate from Gone But Not Forgotten, so I had to see if they still had them! Well they did, & mine got here today! I don't...
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    Allen, TX CCO/MAC Pro!

    I was in Dallas Friday evening/Saturday morning & went to the MAC Pro & then the CCO in Allen! Stuff I got at the CCO: 5 plushglass set, Rushmetal, Your Ladyship & Cocomotion pigments. From Mac Pro I got Fuchsia Lipmix, Show Orchid and 2 samples of Violet lipmix and Violet pro gloss. They were...
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    collective haul! mostly mac.

    Macy's; Lavender Whip & B2Med for Pervette CCO; Blonde MSF, Henna & Vellum eyeshadows Bought from someone online; Deckchair pigment. (I really hope it isn't fake!) Nordstrom's; Rue d'Rouge & 2 Via Veneto dazzleglasses bought from online sale; Royal Assets: 6 Metallic Eyes (I looooove it...
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    Collective Haul! Mac, Lush, BBW

    ok a couple of weeks ago I went to Bath & Body Works & took advantage of the sale! Here is what I got: 2 Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Lotions, Mini Sleep Aromatherapy Body Lotion, Mini Energy Aromatherapy Body Lotion, Cherry Blossom & Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Spray, Warm Vanilla Sugar & Sweet Pea...
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    CCO Haul

    CCO Haul: Naughty Nautical Nail Polish, Danger Zone Mineralized Eye Shadow Trio, Little Vi Lustreglass, Crystal Rose Lipglass, Medium Natural/Shimmer MSF.
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    Style Warriors & Victoria's Secret

    ok so VS is having 75% off all of their makeup! VS Haul is: Ipanema Bronzer, Sultry eyeshadow quad, Lilac Flash sparkling eyeliner, Aqua Sequin sparkling eyeliner & Ginger Spice lipliner. MAC Haul: Bright Future eyeshadow, Brave New Bronze lipstick, Bronzescape Solar Bits. & bought from...
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    swaps & online sale haul!

    71/365 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Swaps/online sale stuff came in the mail today. Juicy Couture air freshener Fun Fun lipstick Heatherette trio 2 Other Worldly blush Fleur de Light mini lipglass Pinkarat lustreglass Elaborate lipglass Money Honey dazzleglass
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    CCO haul! + a few other things...

    CCO stuff I got: Smoke & Diamonds e/s Brassy f/l Frostlite f/l Strobe Beam TLC Stick Blitzed g/l Refined Golden bronzer & then 4 nailpolishes & some face cleansing wipes from walmart the names of the polishes are: French Kiss (matte blue) Strapless (blue glitter) No Means No (purple) Cheatin...
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    CCO/Ulta/Online haul/birthday day present to myself!

    here's everything: CCO stuff; Clinique moisturiser MAC Solar White eyeshadow MAC Foolishly Fab Plushglass MAC Nothingless lipglass MAC Lollipop Loving Lipstick 2006 Basic Brush set Ulta; 4 NYX Candy glitter liners & Revlon Matte lipstick & an online sale I got: Melrose Mood!
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    collective haul.

    MAC from online sellers, Sephora, Amazon & Victoria's Secret! ok so from Sephora: UD palette Sephora curler & brush cleaner wipes MAC stuff: Heatherette stuff! Style Minx, Starlet Kiss, Sock Hop & Fleshpot Helium & Reflects Blue Glitter vials & Your Ladyship 1/2tsp sample Porcelain...