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    Glitter vials...

    Does anyone know how much MAC glitter vials are worth individualy?
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    Need some advice to loose weight.. i'm a vegeatrian 2!

    Hi all, Jacquie here from australia. I am 172cms tall and about 87kilos. When i was in high school i never lost any of my "puppy fat" and from then on have always been very curvey. All my weight has gone to my thighs and i am just at the point where i need something to start happening to make...
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    Where do u buy the magnet strips for pan eyeshadows?

    Am going to start de potting a few mac e/s and was wondering where do people get the magnetic strips from?? Also i wanted to ask what exactly does mac accept for the "back to mac " scheme? and what do u receive for them?? Thanks for any advice u mac pros can give a newbie, lol.
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    Hello all ! I'm new on here..all about me!!

    Hi all, My name is jacquie and i am 23. I live in melbourne, australia and currently work in the retail industry. I am a member on ebay, swapstyle and makeupalley. I absolutly love mac and stila and am slowly expanding my collection. I am looking 4ward to getting the goss, advice and info on...
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    Sephora Shipping to australia ?

    Does anyone know if sephora ships to australia at all?
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    origins, need some recommendations!!

    Hi all, Have never tried origins and would like to start. just wanting a few general things like a good moisturiser and scrub etc.. What can people reccomend from this range? Thanks