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    Help with Bridesmaid makeup please.

    So, I am in a wedding in June and I need help with some makeup recs for this dress. In the color WATERMELON. I am warm toned with Green eyes and Auburn hair. I will have a little bit of a fake bake by then but I need recs on shadows, blush and lipstick/gloss. Any and all brands welcome...
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    Face & Body Color Rec?

    I have light skin with yellowish undertones. I wear NC 15 in Studio Fix Powder and Light in MAC's new Tinted Moisturizer. So, what color do you think I would be in Face and Body? Help please.
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    I want Clinique GWP here in Europe!!!!!!!

    So yeah, being American, I know what Clinique GWP are like. They have some cool little goodies and neat-o travel size thingies. Here in Europe though, we don't get GWP. I spend a crap load on Clinique. Mainly my three step and I think that it's crap that 1)They over charge us here in Europe and...
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    Anyone want to join me???

    So yeah, Julia had been hosting a chat earlier and I had to leave to eat dinner so I would like to continue to chat. So, if you want you can find me here.TinyChat Yeah, I wish that Specktra had a chat feature. That would rock my socks.
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    Smaller font all of a sudden

    So everything has gotten smaller on my page. I mean everything. I came on last night and it was smaller than normal. Is there a way that I can make it like it was? Make it to where I don't have to squint to read? Help please.
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    Your perfect pizza.

    So yeah, I love pizza. I like mine with extra sauce, pepperoni, black olives, banana peppers, jalapenos, tomato and garlic. Yum. But don't get me wrong, I would never turn down a veggie pizza (minus the mushrooms) or a nice Hawaiian pizza with little ham and lots of pineapple. So my question...
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    Where are you from and where are you at???

    So yeah, I think about this a lot. I am originally from Western North Carolina but I now live in Tirol, Austria. I always wonder about where people originate from and where they have migrated to over the years. I know that I am not the only one. I just thought that this would be a cute little...
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    I'm off to the Hello Kitty release party in Munich.

    Just thought I would stop by before I head down the road. I will take some pictures and have them up tomorrow or the day after. If anyone here see's me there, please come say hello. I will have a pink flower in my hair. Later gators!
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    Is it possible to lose 40#s in 5 months?

    I would be doing cardio and weights 5 days a week. Eating 1200 calories and drink nothing but water. I am 5'9'' and I was at 157 when I got married and a size 8. I would like to go from 192 to 150 or 155. I don't really care about size. I want to feel fit again and I have a family history of...
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    How do you apply your Studio Fix powder?

    Do you use the sponge? Do you use a buffer brush? A fluffy brush? I need help. Oh, and I hate Fix + so I prefer recs that skip it. Thanks!
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    New Shampoo and Conditioner recs please.

    So yeah, I used Herbal Essences for like forever and a day and now it seems that it's weighing my hair down. I know that my hair is clean but I looks kind of flat and bland these days. I hate Garnier, Loreal and any thing that's thick, strong in smell or has a lot of ingredients. I like clean...
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    Will there be a Glam Soup Episode tonight???

    Just wondering.
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    New MAC Counter in Innsbruck, Austria!!!!!

    So, the hubby, Liam and I were walking the Maria Theresien strasse and as we were passing Douglas, I noticed that they had a MAC counter. They said they had been there since August. WOOHOO!!! So, this is just a heads up for the ladies in the surrounding area. Oh, feel free to message me if you...
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    Crazy puppy cloning lady.

    Cloned puppies may have exposed 31-year mystery - Yahoo! News I know her. She's from my hometown. Sad but true. I hope she's punished for her crimes. Discuss.
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    Two and a half weeks from hell!!!

    So, these past two and half weeks have been complete and utter crap! First I had a horrible chest cold that had me completely drained. I mean even more drained than normal. I was a complet snot machine. Lovely I know! Then on Thursday Florian and I were both hit with the Rotavirus. We had the...