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    Artists at Play MU Course in Perth, Aust (I just enrolled)

    Reposting this from another board I go to because I know some folks here had questions -- I have been trying to get some info on this course for donkey's years and finally --- Here's a link Artists at Play Make Up School I have finished my nail course and have a few clients, but I...
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    Selling on the side for extra $$$$

    I am needing to pick up some extra cash before Christmas. I have sold Avon before and it looks, here in Perth, like Avon and Estee Lauder are my only choices. I can do business at work, so that's no issue. Which would you ladies recommend. I work with a mix of 30 - 40 and 50ish women and a few...
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    How do you put your blush on?

    I went to Mecca shopping for some eyeshadows yesterday. I fell in love with the Nars double compact with Torrid and Albatross and had to have it, as well as several Stila eyeshadows (I was looking for some lighter colors, I will try to do a haul pic and post later). Anyway - the MA was anxious...
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    Another one from Australia!!

    Hi! I just sort of jumped in and started posting, sorry, without introducing myself, because I used to come here a while back. So, here I am again. My name is Mitzy and I live in Perth, but I am originally from Oregon. My husband, who is Australian, and I hope to move back to Oregon sometime in...