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    Neutrogena Foundation Pump??

    Hi! I am really fuzzy when it comes to my foundations and is there anybody who found a good pump for the Neutrogena Foundations? I'm struggling to find one.. I also saw where you can pour it in an airless container but I prefer keeping the original bottle.. TIA! :)
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    MAC Air of Style (March 17, 2016)

    My friend who bought the lippies for me sent me these pics this morning! Power Driven Dressed to Thrill Fashion Tide
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    MAC Charlotte Olympia (March 17, 2016)

    I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've been busy and sick at the same time yesterday. Retro Rouge is pretty but I feel it fades quickly. The middle one is Starlet Scarlet which is like for me, an orangey red while Leading Lady Red is a deep bright red, which I love. To be honest, The packaging...
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    MAC Charlotte Olympia (March 17, 2016)

    Hello! :)
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    How do you decide which MAC lipsticks are already expired?

    I am having a hard time letting go of MAC lipsticks that are expired.. How can you tell if your MAC lipsticks are already needed to B2M and cannot be used anymore?
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    MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Collection

    ok I lied when I said I'd skip.. LOL. Too tempting when my friend asked me if I wanted the shades that are not available in my country when she went to Korea. So far my favorite is Oh Lady, Dance With Me and Recollection!
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    What's your favorite MAC Lip Combo?

    What's your favorite MAC Lip Combo? I find it hard to choose everytime between pencils and glosses so this would really be a great help!
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    What's your favorite Tom Ford Lipstick?

    What's your favorite? I can't decide what to pick up since I'm just starting with collecting TF's.. Also, does TF lipsticks go bad quickly?? I saw a youtube review of it somewhere that it goes bad quickly.. Any truths about this?
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    What's your most worn MAC lipstick?

    What's your most worn MAC lipstick?
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    Name 1 MAC Lipstick

    Name one (only one, no cheating! ) MAC lipstick that comes in your mind after reading this. If it goes on for more than 24 hrs, you can post 1 MAC lipstick's name per day.
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    How do you rotate your lipstick stash?

    I know that most of us here have huge collection of lipsticks. My question is, how do you ladies rotate your lipsticks for them to have an equal share of love and getting used without leaving some left behind?
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    Maybelline Lip Swatches?

    Do we have a thread for Maybelline Lipstick swatches? I love Maybelline lipsticks besides MAC! 2764️
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    My Updated MAC Lipstick Stash ( June 2014 )

    Definitely NOT FOR SALE! This is my updated MAC Lipstick Collection as of June 2014. I got rid of some and gained some more over the past year, and so, without any further due, here are my babies! Goddess of the Sea, Mystical, Enchanted One, True Love's Kiss, What Joy!, Tribalist Head in...
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    If you were to pick 1 NARS Lipstick shade, what will it be?

    I don't know what to buy for my first NARS Lipstick. Can you please help me with this? Thanks! :)
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    YSL Rouge Volupte VS. YSL Pur Couture Lipsticks

    I find YSL Rouge Volupte very slippery on my lips and that I don't like for YSL Rouge Volupte. Question is, I want to try YSL Pur Couture and was wondering if it is anything the same as Pur Couture? What are their difference? Thanks!