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    Holy $%^&!!! Blue Flame is the bomb diggity!

    I am home sick today with strep throat so i decided to mess around with my new stuff. I have to say I think I like this MES even better than Young Punk. Excuse my ghostly whiteness. It's a combo of the flash and being sick. Face: NC25 Blot Powder in Medium Eyes...
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    Style Black GBA FOTD

    Not sure how much I like this one. The MES was more gold than blackened gold and suited for an evening/clubbing look. I would also change the lippie and blush from peach tones to muted pinks. It also made the wrinkles on my eyelids stick out like a sore thumb. I still ended up wearing it out...
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    Style ME Black baby!

    Ok now remember, I'm not a photographer...I do make up. I just happen to suck at taking a decent pic. I'm also no spring chicken (I'm 39...40 in 3 weeks) but I had to play with this new stuff. AND I think I can rock this look on a fun night out with mu hubby this weekend...
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    I'm Back In Black Haul

    Almost the entire Style Black Collection. I also picked up two new Dazzleglass Cremes and So In This Season l/g. I'm thrilled with everything!!
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    Problems with Mac Pro Card application...HELP!

    So to make a long story short...I went today to drop off my app and business card along with my letter of reference and the girl at the store told me they couldnt accept it. I just got my first job working as a makeup artist in a small hair salon and I was so excited to get my pro card. The...
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    Dark eyes/nude lip first full FOTD

    Okay let me start by saying that I am totally nervous about doing this. I am older than most of you gals (38 yrs old) and I have no idea how to use photoshop, so this is just plain old me....and it sure is intimidating doing this after seeing how beautiful you girls are. Oh to be young again...
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    EOTD- Patina, Copperplate, Shadowy Lady

    I'm still trying to get a pic that shows the eyecolor the way it is IRL. I hate my camara. And how do I take a full pic of my face without making my normally small nose look HUGE? Geez. Thanks for looking. Jill
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    Very First EOTD- Shadowy Lady- COC

    Excuse the hairyness above my eyebrows. I never really noticed how hairy I was up there. Ick. CC welcome. Jill