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    Train case suggestion

    Looking for new train case ....any suggestions? Thanks
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    MAC Brushes

    Top three mac brush must haves..I am looking to add more to my collection. Input appreciated!
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    Non Conventional Holders

    Looking for ideas for brushes. Any ideas?
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    Couldn't live without?

    What are the colors you could not live with out or find an absolute for your kit?
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    Favorite palette or quad?

    What is your favorite color collection of all time?
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    YSL lipsticks...worth it?

    I keep seeing them in hauls, but they are so darn pricey! Worth the hype?
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    What are your favorite mac eyeshadows?

    Looking to try new colors! What are your favorites?
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    MUFE color

    Hi everyone. I don't live near any place selling MUFE products. I really want to try them. Skin color pale with a little yellow skin tone. Any suggestions?
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    MUFE suggestion

    Hi! I live nowhere near to test MUFE products.I want to try their foundation. foundation am really pale with slight yellow under tones. Any color suggestions? Thanks!!