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    3 new looks

    2nd post! so i finally got my hands on the Pandamonium quad. eyes: Pandamonium quad double extension mascara face: mac select tint desirous porecelain lip dior ultra shine 350 love nectar
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    okay girls and boys. i need your help on this one! how important do you think chest area/size really is to the boys???? is it all about the cup size? or do most guys dont give a crap about it? do tell what you think!
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    NARS Liquid Eyeliner???

    how do you guys like the liquid eyeliner??? i find the fluidline creases on my picky eyes so im willing to try the Nars ones... so any idea?? and hows the brush that comes with the bottle? do i need to get another one? TIA
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    2 looks & first time posting

    i've been a member on this site for awhile now... this is the first time me EVER posting a pic here... so a bit nervous. im shy so be nice!! constructive criticism very welcome ^.^ 2 looks:
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    Ankle boots Yay or nay?

    what do you lovely ladies and gents think about ankle boots? yay or nay? and how would you wear it? with skirts only? or with skinny jeans as well? any thoughts on the topic?