Ankle boots Yay or nay?


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what do you lovely ladies and gents think about ankle boots? yay or nay?

and how would you wear it? with skirts only? or with skinny jeans as well?

any thoughts on the topic?


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I say Yay. I don't own a pair myself but I am very tempted to rectify that situation soon. I think that they are adorable and I am all for boots of any kind really!

In my varioius fantasies I envision myself strutting around Paris and I am wearing ankle boots with skirts above the knee and a cute short trench coat and maybe a little hat with a feather in it lol.

There are some cute ones on this page. I love Shoewawa! Check it ouuuuut:


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I'm not itno them with skirts at all unless maybe with the right skirt with some cool knitted or patterned tights (not leggings.)

I have some that I bought and I either wear them with pants or I bought some cute black shorts and some cute black knitted tights that I plan to wear them with, haven't had the chance to yet.


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Generally I like them but you have to pick the right kind for your shape!

Don't get flat ones unless you have slim legs or you'll lose any definition to your legs.

Heeled ankle boots look great with slim leg jeans on any shape in my opinion.


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Yay! Don't own any (yet) but I think they are hot hot hot

but I think it is kinda hard to pull off, I've seen some people look like peter pan/robin hood lol


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I have a pair ... I don't wear them with nething like skirts n shorts though cuz i think they look stupid with skirts. i'd wear them with cut shorts except not the pair i own.

most often i just wear them with jeas. u can wear them with skinny jeans or with regular jeans. they work!


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would you ever tuck them into your skinny jeans HAHAHAHAHA

they would go out of style very quickly thou thats the main issue ive got with them


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I have had a pair of ankle boots in black suede for a few years and normally wore them with jeans untl a few weeks ago when I decided to wear them with a skirt and they look much better than I expected so a yes vote from me


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NAY for me.

I don't know, they just rub me the wrong way. Maybe it's the word 'booties' that irritates me. Or maybe it's because I'm a staunch knee high boot lover? I don't know!

But a big nay over here.


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They look great with jeans, I own a pair but I am not sure I could pull them off with a skirt.


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I've worn them with leggings, skinny jeans, dresses, skirts. They're quite versatile. Like a pair of pumps in the winter


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i have flat ankle boots that i got from urbanoutfitters. LOVE THEM. i haven't worn them yet, but i think i'd only wear them with jeans. but ugh they're so cute to me, luvem'


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yay, i couldn't find any knee high boots i liked and was going to wear them mostly with jeans so went with some ankle ones!