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    Cleaning Out My Kit: high end and pro brands.

    Currently NOT shipping Internationally. Shipping starts at $2. Possibly more for heavier packages $1 extra for tracking (my post office charges sorry!) No Minimum Paypal only Please pay within 24 hours. Feedback: My ebay username is LindseyShi New...
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    I have been working on a bunch of shoots lately where I need an assistant but I'm afraid to bring just anyone on set with me. I don't know many other makeup artists and the ones I do know are usually booked when I need them. I don't want to post a craigslist ad because I don't really trust...
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    My Halloween Rainbow Mask Look

    I didn't do anything last night but wanted to take the chance to do something fun with my makeup! I apologize that it's not perfectly symmetrical, I was in a hurry Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35 Shooting Star Mineralize SkinFinish Eyes: Yaby Pearl Paints (Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange)...
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    My Late Halloween FOTD

    Ok i havent done a FOTD in months because my camera was broken and i know im a little late on my halloween look but here it is!!
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    Clueless MA....

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    Piercing Question...

    Ok... so i've wanted to get my monroe pierced for a really long time but all of a sudden everyone and their mom has gotten it so i really dont want it anymore. i was thinking getting a small diamond under my lip to the left hand side (not directly under the lip, kinda further down) and i was...
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    Chai Lipglass

    Hey guys, i just got Chai lipglass for my birthday and i was wondering if any of you have it and what do you wear it with??? im just looking for suggestions thanks... //edit: moved to recommendations - mod
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    Who is Your Favorite MAC MA?

    I dont know if you guys have a favorite MA at your store or counter but i loooove mine. He is soooo much fun and runs around and shows me everything new. you can tell he loves his job and hes suc a good salesperson! i buy everything he shows me even if i dont want it haha (i end up loving it in...
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    Runway Show Help....

    I'm doing the make-up for a boutique's runway show tomorrow night ! im really excited but i was hoping that you guys could maybe help me as to what kind of looks i should do..... i wanted to do crazy/fun stuff but the clothes are too casual for that. please help!! thanks
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    Bitter Swimming Humid....EOTD

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    a BLACK TIED affair...

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    My Eyes Today.....

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    My First FOTD! yeah yeah

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    How To-Loose Waves

    Ok.....I really need to know how to make loose curls in my hair! ive tried the curling iron but they come out in ringlets.ew. not a good look on me. I have thick hair and its naturally wavy but not in a good way. im stuck please help me because i love how this looks. Thanks
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    Pink Eyeshadowssss