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    I'm sick and trying not to look it FOTD

    these colors represent how i feel. dirty tarnished greens and brownish golds, queasy purples, etc. i've got a pretty nasty cold but i felt a lil better today so i decided to beat my face a little.. oh how makeup can cover up how one truly feels... EYES...
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    Super Bright Dare to Wear FOTD

    I wore this look this past Saturday and posted it on my blog. Figured I'd share with you lovely ladies. Nothing fancy, just playing around w/ the bright and juicy colors from the Dare to Wear collection EYES * MAC Painterly paint pot * MAC Lime * Zingy * Atlantic Blue...
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    This killed me!!!

    I seriously never laughed SO hard in my life. Like, tears were instantly streaming down my face... these are the most random and awkward videos i've ever seen, ever. YouTube - Ugly Face YouTube - Ugly Face 2...With Brandon Hardesty oh sweet jesus!!
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    Seriously one of the funniest sites ever

    This keeps us all busy at work lol you can literally go thru pages and pages of WTF family photos. good times...good times.
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    Problems w/ dispensing MAC Brush Cleanser

    Hey guys, So I seriously LOOOOVE MAC's Brush Cleanser. but there has got to be an easier, less messy and less wasteful way to use it. I try to pour out just a few drops and too much product comes out, then it runs along the sides of the bottle. its just a big mess. i'd love to have some sort...
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    Style Warriors Haul *beats on chest*

    my shipment came in today here are some pics and a few swatches. i didnt swatch the eyeshadows. on a mission, eversun (refined golden in the back) Bright Sunshine, Vibrant Grape, Night Manoeveurs, Tempting, Soft Force Purple Rite, Tribalist Style Warriors, Fierce n Fabulous Lustre...
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    Are Parrot and Talent Pool similar??

    Hey there, So I have Parrot and i think its really gorgeous. But i went to my CCO this past weekend and swatched Talent Pool eyeshadow and it reminded me so much of parrot. I wanted to buy it but it would be dumb to own 2 shadows soooo similar. But maybe they're not similar and i'm trippin? If...
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    I don't think I have a problem (very pic heavy)

    if i just keep telling myself that, i'll believe it. **i will name everything slowly but surely. this took a long time lol. I have a newfound respect for anyone who has done this. Even though I don't have as much as most ppl, it still took FOREVER lol** so this is where i put my face on...
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    I thought the MSF's went up $2??

    I just went to and bought the Gold Deposit MSF, it was listed for $27, but when I put it in my basket and clicked checkout, it rang up as $25! this was great news to me, but i was wondering if anyone else noticed this?? am i missing something here LOL. was it a possible screwup...
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    Absolutely NOTHING special

    at all. just an "everyday - tshirt n jeans" look (cuz thats what i was wearing) EYES: CG Brown Smolder e/s (crease) MAC Rose Gold pig. (lid) MAC Provence pig. (hi-lite) MAC Penultimate liner IMJU Fiberwig mascara ELF lashes ($1) <---looove dollar lashes LOL UD Zero liner FACE: MAC Mega Rich...
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    I've totally changed my mind about MAC brushes

    *sigh* so in the beginning i had 1 or 2 of those SE brushes, which i still think aren't that great. but then over the past months, i got my hands on a couple of the fullsize versions and i must say....i now see what the fuss is. the funny thing is, i have tons of great brushes, but nothing...
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    Smokey Pink :: All I need are some hooker heels

    **more like eyes of the day, cuz theres nothing on my face really** a lil more drama than i'm used to lol. and please dont mind my brows, i am fully aware they are a hot mess. they're getting threaded next week lol. and i just did not feel like messing with them. ummmm i used.. EYES: MAC...
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    WOC on the hunt for a pink lipstick *pic included*

    Hey guys, I tend to stay away from pink lipsticks because they scare me lol. strangely enough, i can wear pink lipglasses. My favorite is Flashmode, and my favorite hot pink lipglass is Style Minx (i'm wearing it in the photo below). based on Style Minx, can anyone help me find a good MAC pink...
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    My Inauguration experience [PICS]

    i have TONS of pics and lots of video clips, but i wont bore you with all of that so i'll just post a few. my mom called me and was like OMG I JUST SAW YOU ON CNN!!! haha my friend courtney and i freezing outside lol view of the m mall and all the people, reflecting pool behind us same shot...
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    Fun with Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra [pic heavy]

    so i love this palette... FACE: Maybelline instant age rewind foundation in Caramel Dark 2 Bare Minerals: Mineral Veil (a quick brush over) some sparkley powder stuff i've had for...forever and never really use it lol EYES: Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra palette -First Class -Techno -Thrasher...