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    Is it normal to have eyelids that are darker then ur face?

    My eyelids are a good shade darker then the rest of my face, is this normal? I wear concealer in a medium peachy shade to even them out. I don't mean dark circles either, my skin is just a browner shade there.
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    Style or Peaches Blush?

    Which do you love more for a peach blush?
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    Zoya Hot Lips lipgloss

    I just tried my first in Sorbet, and omg I can't believe how nice it is on my lips! The color is a gorgeous sunny melon shade and it has the most natural sweet candy-like taste I've ever had in a lipgloss. I want to order more in every color!! lol. Does anyone else wear them often? Zoya Hot...
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    MAC Mauve/Light Plum Lipstick Rec's

    Can you rec any pretty one's? Any finish is okay. Thanks!
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    Heatherette Nighthawk/Frontrow dual pencil liner?

    I just got this liner, any tips on how to wear it?
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    How long should I leave the dye on for?

    Hey, I just bought Miss Clairol dye in Iced Brown(light brown with a blue-violet base) and 20v developer. My hair is already dyed light brown but it is brassy looking now and I have about an inch of dark brown roots. How long should I let the dye process on my brassy ends? It has a 30minute max...
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    Sunbasque blush on tan skin?

    I really thought I was gonna <3 this blush but I feel like whenever I wear it I look like I'm just wearing a bronzer on my cheeks, it doesn't look like as peachy or pop as much I thought it would. It just makes me look like I overdid it with bronzer actually. I apply it with MAC's 129. Any...
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    Mascara thats suppose to wash off in ''tubes''

    I don't know what this type of mascara is called, but I just tried Too Faced's Lash Injection which is suppose to wash off in tiny tubes instead of smudging underneath ur eyes, well I went to wash it off with water and remover and it just smudged underneath my eyes like regular mascara does. I...
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    Can you mix loose powder foundation with moisturizer?

    My skin hates liquid foundation and I need light coverage like a tinted moisturizer would give. Could I mix a loose powder product like Bare Minerals matte foundation with my moisturizer to create a TM? Do you think it would mix together smoothly and create a liquid foundation? I know my skin...
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    MAC 239 for applying shadow?

    Do you like/use this brush for the lid and browbone?
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    NYX or Drugstore dupe 4 NARS Honolulu Honey?

    Is there one?
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    How to use a flat concealer brush?

    I use a too faced concealer that is in a compact, its not a liquid or a powder. I just ordered theBALM's concealer brush to use with it cause I really hate using my fingers with it. How do I use it correctly for the best coverage esp. around the undereye area? Here's what it looks...
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    Covergirls new lashblastfusion?

    Like we didn't know this was coming(lol) but yay~ it's length + volume! I haven't seen any commercials/ads for it until I noticed it here: Buy CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara, Very Black 860 Online at I'm def going to get it! Has anyone else seen it anywhere/tried it out yet?