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    authencity check please~

    I purchased BRIGHT FUCHSIA pigment on specktra from a member. I checked the threads regarding fake pigments and from what I see it says that fake pigments have a scotch-like sticker on the bottom of the pigment, and that the cap is a shiny black color. I'm confused whether or not this pigment is...
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    authentic check please?

    Can someone please verify the authenticy of this pigment for me? I checked the threads that shows the difference but I still couldn't tell after comparing over and over again. I tried to take the pictures as clear as possible, if more pictures are needed please let me know. Thanks in...
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    suppose to be on a shopping ban but couldn't resist HUAL :]

    NAUGHTY NAUTICALS COLLECTION - lovely lily - lark about - mutiny - illegal cargo - pandamonium - shore leave - ensign DAZZLEGLASS - sugarrimmed this is probably gon' me my last mac hual for a while, if i can resist :[
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    first time posting hual + last hual before shopping ban HUALLL

    i think it's my first time posting in the hual section, i don't quite remember, oh wells! hehes. so here's what i got coastal scents brushes, this seems to be all the hype now so i fell into the hype and bought some myself :] - chisel angle fluff shadow brush - chisel detail mini brush -...