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    I Am Engaged!!!

    I am so excited that I just had to tell everyone here on Specktra. I was half awake this morning when my boyfriend said "I have a question to ask you"......I had no idea what the question was going to be and then he said "I want you to marry me". Of course I said yes! He had woke up earlier...
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    I always shop right when the store opens on new collection days

    Yesterday I stopped by my counter on the way to work and got: Charged Water/Renewal Defense Fireball Nail Lacquer Cosmic x2 (one for my daughter) Firespot Gentle Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover The door to the stock room at my counter was open and I could see lots of boxes on the shelves...
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    Mac Has A Force That Keeps Pulling Me Closer

    Here are my hauls for the past few weeks: Cleanse Off Oil Studio Moisture Fix Microfine Refinisher Sample of Creme Wash Soft sparkle eye pencil - Iris Accents Playful e/s Malibu Barbie l/g - 2 Rocking Chick l/s - 2 Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom De Menthe e/s I have been really liking the...
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    Essentials and Balloonacy

    Last week I got a sample of Prep + Prime Skin and just loved it so I had to go back and get some. I also needed a new moisturizer so I thought I would try Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15. Here is what I walked away with this morning: Prep + Prime Skin Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 Full Blown l/s...
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    Home Alone On New Years So I Bought Some Mac To Keep Me Company

    Lightscapade MSF Scene 1 e/s Rondelle e/s Standing Ovation l/g Gentle Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Fix+ 190 Foundation Brush
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    What Would You Do In This Situation?

    Last week I noticed in the Want Ads someone was looking for a CP of a couple of items. I PM'd her and said I could pick one up at the mall and I was placing a Sephora order and said I would order her the other. She was very happy and agreed to the price for the two items, paypal fees and...
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    Catherine Collection Funny Comment by my Husband

    Today I dragged my husband to the mall. Of course we had to go to MAC. The display for Catherine was out and I was looking at it. My husband saw it and immediately said "Who is that Old Bag". I told him who she was and he didn't think she should be representing MAC. I just thought it was...
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    MAC Pro Stores

    I'm trying to find out if there is a MAC Pro store in the Eaton Centre in Toronto or somewhere close to there. I have looked on the Pro site but it only seems to indicate Yorkdale. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    What would you pay for ..............?

    I have a chance to purchase the following: MAC Glitter Brilliants: Jam Session MAC Pigment: Steel Blue Are they worth buying and what would you pay for each? Thank you very much
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    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking for over a year. I'm from Ottawa, Ontario and love MAC.