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    Le Metier de Beaute

    I have not yet seen a thread on this brand, although I have seen a bit of chatter about this line in other threads. I just splashed out and picked up a few items from this brand. Wow, just wow. The pigmentation of the face and eye powder products is astounding. I have a face...
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    Face Off on SyFy

    Is anyone else watching this? It's a reality competition show for special effect makeup artists. The first couple of episodes have been pretty good, anyone else watching?
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    Welcome to MAC Recommendations

    We have created a subforum dedicated to MAC recommendation requests - please post all MAC recommendation requests in this new subforum. I hope you find this new subforum helpful!
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    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Is anyone watching this? I have the first 2 episodes saved on my DVR and plan to watch them today. AMC is really stepping it up with their series.
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    What's Eating You

    Is anyone else watching this new mini series on E? I have the first episode on my DVR but haven't watched it yet. I have a history with an eating disorder which is why I am interested in the series.
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    Chanel lipsticks - Rouge Coco, Rouge Allure, etc.

    Original post from Hypathya - reposted below... As I told you lovely ladies in the Chanel Must Haves thread, I recently found Chanel is discontinuing Hydrabase Lipstick and launching Coco Rouge Hydrating Creme Lip Colour instead. It's supposed to be making us pay more love to lipstick than to...
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    Les Khakis De Chanel

    Chanel LES KHAKIS DE CHANEL Please post your thoughts and share your images on this LE collection.
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    Chanel Soho Collection - LE Fall 2010

    Please post all Soho collection info and chat in this thread.
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    Chanel Holiday 2010

    Please discuss the Chanel holiday release in this thread.
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    Welcome to the new Chanel forum!

    Welcome to the new Chanel subforum. Please start making product and collection specific threads in this forum so product information is easier to search for and find by our members. Enjoy
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    Chanel subforum - any interest?

    We are considering creating a Chanel subforum in the Cosmetic Discussion Forum if there is enough interest to warrant it. Would you participate if we created a Chanel forum? Please vote and let us know.
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    Beauty 360 at CVS Pharmacy

    I was in my local CVS last weekend, and lo and behold, they have added a beauty boutique called Beauty 360 - it reminded me of a mini Sephora. Some of the lines that I saw included: Cargo Vincent Longo Bloom Mario Badescu Ahava Laura Gellar Looks like CVS is branching out to market high end...
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    MUFE Super Lip Gloss

    With all the MUFE chat, I seldom hear about the Super Lip Gloss. I have been using these for years and although they are quite sticky, this gloss wears like iron! Truly. I have about 8 of them and just adore them. Who else loves this gloss? Also, has anyone compared this formula to the new...
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    Jersey Couture

    Who else is watching this show on Oxygen? I think it's just adorable. It's like my "feel good show" - it just puts a smile on my face.
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    My fave NARS blushes

    For Miss QQ I am NW20, and love the following powder blushes: Neutral: Zen - a matte neutral. Looks muddy in the pan, but is lovely on the skin. I used it for contouring and also as a neutral bronzer. Madly - a shimmery neutral. Gives a marvelous glow to the skin, and goes with...