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    fashion CPS

    hey girlsssss i live in greece (to bad even to mention it) anyway i usually buy all my staff online trgardless the waiting time!!!!! grrrrrrr i was hoping if they are any girls who are interested in doing my any cps (always small) from us and china i can pay for the service of course...
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    London Mac Stores

    hey really excited in less than a month i will visit london im from (greece) and its my first time there so wondering a friend of mine told me that in Heathrow's airport duty free there is a mac store so im wondering.. have any of you bought anything from there? does it...
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    ~*~false lashes tut~*~

    hey girls i found this on a japanese magazine..i think its very useful...
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    xoxo its gossip girl..

    well hey girls..i found this pic of leighton in a gossip forum its from a photoshoot she did and i was speechless..personally i prefer blake cause its more powerful and full of energy but anyway...her hair is awesome i hope someboby make a tut on this.. maybe i will give it a chance...(ps she...