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    Hi everyone!!! It's been a long time! This is the first time I've logged on since August of last year, wow! I don't know if y'all remember me but this is Brittney...and considering my username hasn't been accurate for well over a year, that's mostly why I haven't been on here just because I...
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    Breaking up ain't easy to do

    I know I haven't been on very much lately, and doubt if I will be able to log in under this username anymore because Nick and I have officially ended it. Next Saturday would've been 2 years. Time really does fly. I can't really put a pinpoint on it to be exact, but I haven't been happy in months...
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    January & BBR haul

    So I did some hauling this past month and I also got a few things from BBR: I ended up with: Bulk wipes Medium Dark blot powder Blonde MSF Marquis 'D l/s (B2M'd for this) 188, 226, 214 & 217 brushes
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    I'm sick of doctors!

    I'm sorry y'all, but I really need to RANT here, so bare with me! As a lot of you know, I had thyroid cancer and had 2 surgeries and my radiation iodine treatment recently. I started taking my lifelong prescription of Synthroid almost three weeks ago. I've seen so many doctors in the last...
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    Love me some neutrals!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is my Thanksgiving day look and a look I've been wearing a lot recently (because I love neutrals and lots of black liner), but I decided to do things different with the lips and wear them pink instead to give an extra pop of color. Thanks for looking! All...
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    TISH made me do it!

    The lovely TISH1127 made me post this FOTD from my avatar pic. I had every intention of doing my makeup nice last Friday while recovering from radiation at my parents house, but I was using their camera and really hating all of the pictures I took. Every shot I took of the eyes was horrible so...
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    I'm going to miss you all!

    I'll be going away for several days for my radiation treatment, which is scheduled for the 19th. I have to be on isolation away from the public until the 22nd and even from there, I have to take special measures to not be around pregnant women or small children for 2 weeks. I will be house...
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    Got my hair done!

    I was looooooooooooooong overdue for a haircut and a professional color, so I made an appointment a few weeks ago and got my hair done today. I got quite a bit of it cut off and a lot of layers and shorter pieces put in, especially throughout the ends and the crown and such. I even got it...
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    My dreams are scaring me

    I figured this would be an appropriate sub forum to post this thread, so if not, mods, please redirect my thread elsewhere I've been having these crazy plane crash dreams for about 2 months now. It's not the first time in my life, as in the past, I can remember like one vivid dream a year about...
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    Inspired by my pal Tiffany aka TDoll!

    Hi everyone! I just loved Tiffany's Adrina from MTV's "The Hills" makeup look and I was really inspired by her recent video. You rock Tiff! YouTube - MakeupByTiffanyD's Channel I know mine didn't turn out half as good as hers, but I still was pleased with the results as I'm trying to get more...
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    Came home to some surprises!

    Ok, y'all may think this is a positive thread but I can assure, IT AIN'T!!!!!!! I came home from studying at school tonight, armed with my McDonalds in hand, come on I was HONGRY ok?! I walked up the sidewalk to my building and rounded the corner to my apartment and what do I see, but my patio...
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    I haven't been this pale in years!

    Hi everyone, I'm sporting my new pale ass face!! I seriously haven't tanned in over a month and well you know, I promised myself never to do so again. It's amazing, I went from an NC35 all the way down to an NW20 in a matter of what, 6 weeks?! I went to the MAC counter last week and had the MA...
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    Dedicated to my Specktraettes!

    Hey everyone! I finally felt up to doing a full face of makeup today and was inspired to use items from some of the very sweet Specktra ladies who were kind enough to send me a MAC box of goodies last week! I was bummed out earlier, my DR told me I have to sport my bandages for another 2 weeks...
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    I'm gonna blow!

    I'm sure everyone knows how I feel about my fiance's family. I have talked about them on here before. If not, here's a thread when I first started noticing all of their problems: If y'all read my posts, you know that I have a lot going...
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    Birthday FOTD

    Today is my 22nd birthday. Nothing too exciting, all I have to look foward to now is turning 30! Birthdays never excite me anymore. I decided to use mostly pigments for this look. I knocked half of my Dazzleray pigment out of the jar and all over my bathroom counter and I had to use a credit...