I'm going to miss you all!


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I'll be going away for several days for my radiation treatment, which is scheduled for the 19th. I have to be on isolation away from the public until the 22nd and even from there, I have to take special measures to not be around pregnant women or small children for 2 weeks. I will be house sitting for my parents while they are on vacation. So this means I will have limited time to come and play on Specktra!
I will try and check in when I can, but my parents have craptastic dial-up internet!

I'd just like to thank everyone for all of the continued support over the last couple of months. You all are an amazing group of people

Shadowy Lady

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awww Brit, best of luck with your treatment. Can't wait to see your beautiful face around here again. We will all miss you


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Good Luck Babe, I'd rent a lot of movies and take Me time if i were you ... Don't think of it as a have to thing ... but a want to ;-)


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ahhh sweetie...I will miss you too...Good Luck and I will be thinking of you...I will be going away for a few days soon myself!! Big Hugs and I wuuuvvvv you....
Stay positive and you will always come out on top!!


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Good luck Brit! We love you so much and will miss you tons! At least you will have your cats to keep you company!
Check in when you can!!


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Best of luck with your treatment!! Definitely take this time to relax---a few good bubblebaths would be nice!


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Take care, best of luck with your treatment! ((hugs)) i hope you are able to enjoy the quiet time..


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Can't wait to see your beautiful face when you come back! You'll most definitely be in my prayers and this is for when you come back

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