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    Urban Outfiters MUFE Flash Palette dupe?

    So today i was doing my usual rounds on and i came across a product review for the MUFE flash palette that caught my eye Quote: A Few weeks ago my best friend bought this palette and i tried it i have to say that i loved it, this may sound not appropriate but i was shocked...
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    ..There's a Party In my Tummy!

    I'm starting to become immune to the stupidity that is Yo Gabba Gabba, to the point of starting to like it. Dj Lance rock was in my dream last night This look was inspired by one of you awesome specktra ladies, but unfortunately i forgot who So thanks to whoever inspired this look...
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    1am .. AGAIN?

    I kinda forgot that tonight was daylight savings.. Well for the last 3 days around 1am I've been doing make-up. Why? I have no idea. Day 1. 70's Cleopatra Face/Brows Dr Brandt Pores No More Temptu Airbrush foundation in Chestnut Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Dark Mac eyebrow pencil in Stud...
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    And when the grove is dead and gone ..

    You know that love survives, and we can rock forever <3 I haven't done my make-up in a long time, being a mommy and just busy 24/7, but with the death of one of my favorite performers on Thursday I needed a pick me up. I still cant get over this. I don't think I've even posted a FOTD on...
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    My (somewhat funny) birth story

    I was looking at my blog and I saw my birth story and realized that I didn't share it with the mommies on specktra! Its long, and 3 months old, but in case you need a good laugh (because my friends swear its funny.. but I really don't see it being that I lived through it) here it is. Feels good...
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    Dr. Miracles Acne Treatment

    Has anyone tried it? Seen it in stores? I'm really curious about it because I use proactiv which works for my skin, but the lotion portion is type oily for me and it doesn't really treat acne scaring which is common in dark skin. My sister uses the Dr. Miracles hair products and swears by...
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    This is TOOO funny

    Eyeshadows Eye Shadow 24 color New MACs set #1 - eBay (item 170254553799 end time Aug-26-08 17:08:46 PDT) This is my laugh of the day. Obvious fake shadows .... but scroll down a bit.. The person is using someones pigment swatches as a "color guide" of some sort! If you know who's swatches...
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    Future In Marketing?

    One day I was bored so I decided to come up with my own Color story for one of my favorite artist, Beyonce Knowles. I showed it to my mother, my aunts, and friends and they were amazed. Now they all think I have some kind of future in marketing. I mean, I love to write and I write short stories...
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    Tannersville, PA CCO (The Crossings Premium Outlets)

    OMG. First off I've been in that cco before but that was in my 'pre mac obsession' days so I didn't remember how great it could have been so I didn't bring that much money with me. They had tons of DC'd stuff. I wish I had wrote some of it down. I remember they had dark soul pigment, accent...
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    Another faker.

    I just wanted to make the ladies aware that there is a new faker lurking ebay. this one has the nerve to have lots of 16 .. who knows how high that will bid up. Please report.
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    Been lurking for a while ..

    But, now its time to say something. Hi my name is Alyson and I'm a MAC Addict. (if there was such a thing as MAC Anonymous I would surely be there). im 19 and spend what little money a college student gets at the MAC store located In Harlem (manhattan), Ny (Im Afro-American and since...