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    Can Someone Name This Girl?

    Hey everyone, I've been reading Specktra for a loong time, and comment occasionally. I remember seeing this girl somewhere for makeup inspiration, and loved all of her looks. She isn't a member - I think she actually may be in the adult entertainment industry! But I think I ended up finding...
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    Any Topshop shoppers out there?

    I absolutely love Kate Moss's skinny jeans, and am dying to buy a pair, as well as some tops on but I'm pretty confused with the sizing, even though it's explained..I was curious to know if anyone has shopped/ordered from there before and could help me out. I'm an xs/s in US sizing...
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    Help! Emergency Date!

    Hey everyone, I just found out of a huge date tomorrow night! Yes, at 1:08 am (in Philly)! We're just going to be hanging out, nothing too much, but it's with a guy I've liked for well over a year! I know what I'm going to wear, and I'm sorry but I don't have a picture to post on here, it's on...
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    the last 2 months..

    I've been extremely busy hauling my little heiney off! So far, this is what I've acquired from August 1st until today: -Snob l/s -Sandy B l/s -Pretty Please l/s -Love, Henri l/s -Bendel Girl l/g -Lightswitch l/g -Spring Bean l/g -Lull l/g -Lightning l/g -Well Dressed blush in pan (my pot ran...
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    Free Gift w/ Compliment?

    hi everyone! this is my first time starting a new thread so im not sure but i think its in the right place.. ..anyways i sent in a compliment to MAC online about a wonderful makeup artist at my mac. in response they e-mailed me back saying they would pass it along to her administrators and...
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    just getting around to introducing myself..

    hello! ive posted a few times but never actually introduced myself! my name is natalie and im a college student from philly with a ridiculous mac obsession! of course i love all makeup, but especially mac. most of my new college friends find this odd [im a sports management major so im...