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    Dramatic - out of town concert rock look

    Hi all, i haven't posted in AGES! Sorry but my close up pic is somewhat blury :( Hope you like it! I used: *Face Alverde mineral liquid foundation in 001 - Naturelle Alverde compackt powder in 010 - Naturelle Rimemel blush in 034 - Sienna *Eyes Max...
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    DM (drogeriemarkt) - German drugstore cosmetics

    I tried searching for DM on the forum, but didn't find anything, so I got some help from Susanne (tnx), and here is a new thread. Here is where DM stores exist I really love Balea products, i loooove their super yummy smelling bath gels, and body...
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    No makeup for about 4 months, time to break that chain !!!

    Hi all, I was in so much work over the last 4-5 months, I didn't have ANY extra time to do makeup, only eyebrows and mascara, black pencil at the most! I have had a week off, so i pampered myself and gone through my makeup and I had to play, I felt like I was doing my face for the first...
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    Blue based lipsticks ?

    Hi, I'm looking for MAC's blue based lipsticks, are there only red blue based, or are there other shades that are blue based?
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    Change of hairstyle

    As the title says, i want to change my hair style, I'm in the process off getting out of black, as I want to become a bruinette. I know I want something shorter, above the shoulders. I want something that is not to needy, i want to wash, dry and be able to go out without constant styling. I...
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    Clothes for pear shaped body?

    I have pear shaped body, and I'm having the worst time finding the right clothes, in my size, that look good on my body shape, and are good materials. I know that I shouldn't wear high waist skirts/pants, but I'm just can't find the right cut, always, always, always if it fits me in the front...
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    Need hair help...

    Hi all! I want to change my hair color, i want to get out of black, but i don't know which shade of brown to go for? I want to try maybe a lighter brown, or darker brown, but i don't know what shade would complement my skin tone. I think I'm a NC20. Here are the pics, first one is a year...
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    Recommedations for me... [pictures included]

    I would like if you could help me with some recommedation for MAC foundation shade, primer or green corector, and even concealer, and whats my face shape, i just cant figure that My face is darker than other parts of my body, i use Revlon Color Stay in Buff, and then my face color is similar...
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    Two months waiting for this!!!

    Today I recived 2 packages! One from my friends that sent me MAC from Abu Dhabi And the second one which i ordered online TWO months ago from USA Here is what i got *MAC 187 168 219 Brush Cleanser Espresso Brule Swimming *MUFE #92 - i've waited so long to order this, i loveee it *NYX...
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    No brushes at the store?!

    Some of my friend went to Abu Dhabi, and i gave them a list of MAC stuff to buy for me (i dont have a paypal, and i don't want to give more than 50% on top of the cost of mac for ordering from some company who buys from US ), but the sent me an e-mail last night, saying, they bought everything...
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    Sephora brand foundation and primer help ?

    I tried searching but I didnt find anything similar, sorry mods if this thread allready exist, feel free to move it... We recently got Sephora here, but they carry just a few lines... And I have only noticed their brand foundation and primer. So my question is, how good are their foundations...
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    I allways reach out for purples!!!

    Hello everybody This is my usual makeup, when I'm in a hurry, I do a purple look like this... But even when I have more time, I'll do another purple look, but kinda dramatic... what colors do you recommend I try out ? anyways... here are the pictures, all criticks are welcome, i want to be...
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    online shops for clothing material

    Does anybody know some online clothing material stores in US ? (it doesn't matter if they only ship within US... )
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    Experimenting for NYE!

    This is my New years eve look, I always wear shadow more 'rounded', or only on lid, so this was new for me, and i like it a lot because my eyes don't look that much hooded -Face stuff- Mac prep and prime spf 50 Artdeco base Revlon colorstay Sephora luminizer on cheeks -Eye stuff- Artdeco...
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    Has anyone bought from this site ?

    I was wondering has anybody bought from this site >>> Women's Shoes, Women's Fashion Boots, Women's Clothing Online Depot - Makemechic They have cheap shoes, its ridiculous! but they look so good, i'm considering buying 4-5 pairs, but i don't know if it legit site ?