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    new shiny mac lettering?

    While I was washing my new brush today, I saw the mac lettering was shiny! I've checked my other mac brushes and they're all dull. Any info? just curious. Thanks!
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    Blackhead Treatment

    Any recs for getting rid of blackheads on the nose? I think I tried the Clean & Clear strips a long time ago, but didn't work. Exfoliating and peel off masks don't work either
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    Synthetic Hairs and Fly Aways

    I just bought the 116 blush brush a week or so ago. Today was the first time I gave it a deep cleansing with baby shampoo. When I first got the brush, there was already one fly away hair, but I didn't want to fuss too much. After I washed it, more fly aways appeared. Is this normal? or should I...