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    Charleston, SC CCO Haul

    I was really excited. I got to go to the Estee Lauder CCO and get some MAC stuff. I basically only payed 88.00 for all of this stuff. What a steal!! I got: MAC Tendertone Lip Balm in Shush MAC Sharkskin Shadestick MAC Shimmersand Shadestick MAC Tailormade: 6 Cool Eyes Palette MAC Novel Twist...
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    Purpley Parrot FOTD

    So, I'm super proud of my makeup today. The Bare Minerals makeup I got has really made my skin so much better. It's not dry anymore and it looks soo much better. I've been using the i.d. Bare Escentuals BareVitamins on my face too. It's a lifesaver. I cut my bangs the other night; I figured...
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    Solar Plum Coppering FOTD

    So Relan said I should do a copper, so I busted out the kit and chose some goodies. I've never worn Solar Plum Listick; I had it in my kit and I guess I forgot. What was I thinking?! It's HOT! I decided to go sans liner cause I feel that Coppering Eyeshadow doesn't need it. Enjoy. Oh, and the...
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    Pierced Parrot FOTD

    LOL at the title. Anywho, I got my vertical labret piercing, finally!! I love it soo much. It is the most comfortable piercing ever. I got it last night. It doesn't even freaking hurt. I mean, it hurt when I got it but now it's just...nothing. Haha. I ate a hot dog like 2 hours after I had...
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    Greeeeen FOTD

    So I haven't done an FOTD in a while and since I was having a good hair day, I decided to play around. I'm a makeup mood because my husband just let me order crap off of Sephora. It's not here yet but I'm super excited! :P I'll definitely do an FOTD when it gets here. It is freaking cold today...
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    AngelFace & Me FOTD

    So, I haven't done an FOTD in a while and I felt like I should do one. :P I used: MAC Sea Me Shadestick MAC Juxt Eyeshadow MAC Tectonic Mineralised Eyeshadow MAC Light Ray Eyeshadow MAC Brow Shader in Porcelaine/Browing Maybelline Unstoppable Liner in Onyx MAC Powerpoint in Handforged Too...
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    Today Is

    My Birthday. I'm 22.
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    Does It Bother Anyone Else?

    Does it bother you when you see exclusive MAC necklaces and merchandise that only MAC employees get being sold on eBay? I think that that is downright disrespectful.
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    Low Birth Weight Lowers Success in Adulthood

    The study, funded by the National Institute on Aging, analyzes 35 years of data on more than 12,000 individuals from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, conducted since 1968 by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR). It found that babies with low birth weights are...
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    Hygiene Questions

    Okay, so I see a lot of people that are selling lipglasses, lipsticks, fluidlines, mascaras, creme products, etc in the Swap Threads. I'm confused. With so many diseases going around like herpes and other things, why in the world would you buy used lip products and some eye products. I know...
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    Alter Ego FOTN

    So this is for the Alter Ego Challenge in the Mbs on myspace. It's me and my alter ego, Solaara. She's a Fire Elemental in Human Form. For my look, I used: Bare Minerals in Fairly Light MAC Quarry Eyeshadow Too Faced Lash Injection MAC Brow Shader in Porcelaine/Browning MAC Lipglass in...
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    Two Year Anniversary FOTD

    Today is the day that two years ago, Justin asked me to be his girlfriend. <3 So he is taking me to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and his mom is coming over to watch Cecilia. I got all dressed up and did my makeup and stuff. My eyebrows have NEVER looked better. After I was...
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    What would one put on a resume when applying at MAC? I have no professional makeup experience but it is my passion. Thanks in advance.
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    Life as we know it...when did it begin [hot button debate]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Raerae Yeh, well with Bush blocking things like Stem Cell research, it makes it even more difficult for healthcare to adapt, and advance. So it's not just the system, it's the politics behind it too. If they could find a way to do stem cell...
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    Grandma Hates My Makeup

    I recently sent some pictures out to my family of me and my daughter and my husband. I sent a picture of myself - it's my profile picture here on specktra; not my avatar - and she said I looked like a clown. I think it's a super pretty picture and that's why I sent it out. I didn't expect her...