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    My 7 week old sister smiling!! Izzy did her first ever smile this week, she is so precious. The smile is about 50 seconds into the video.
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    I have lost 34lb!

    Yeah, so since my birthday in June last year I have lost 34lb. 15lb of those were done slowly between then and last month but the remaining 19 has been lost since March 14th. I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to share that with you all! It's one of my life goals to run the London...
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    What colours should I try & one other question

    Q1. If you could give me a makeover, what would you do to me? I prefer MAC stuff but I would consider other brands if necessary. Q2. What red lipstick by MAC would suit me? please say there is one because I'm dying to try a red!
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    you know you're addicted to make-up...

    ... when even your 2 and a half year old brother can apply blusher flawlessy!
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    my new baby sister - 2 days old *pics*

    meet isobel ann! born 1st march at 12.20pm weighing 8lb 2oz.
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    First FOTD - minimal face, brown/neutral eyes

    Here is my first FOTD - I've never posted a picture on here or anything! Please excuse my silly face, I took this without realising (I was trying to work the shutter on the back of my camera phone!) but it showed the make-up quite well so I kept it heh. FACE: MAC Strobe Cream Laura Mercier...
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    Workout videos - are they actually any good?

    I HAVE to get some more exercise in, I always say I am going to go for walks or join a gym and never do. So are DVDs a sufficient form of excercise if done regularly? & If do, can anyone recommend a good one (available in the UK please!). Thanks.
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    Sex, Chocolate or Make Up?

    Okay so we've all been asked: sex or chocolate, right? Well... since make-up is so important to all of us, let's alter it! So which would you choose if it meant going without the other two forever: sex, chocolate or make-up?
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    Best brush for outer V/crease?

    I need a brush to do the outer v/crease... I have the 222 but I find it too big? Any recommendations? Doesn't have to be MAC!
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    Negative Experiences With Mua/ebay/specktra/lj Swappers

    Since we have a thread for favourite ebay/MUA etc. swappers, how about one to warn members? I've just had an awful experience with MUA: Candy85/LJ: _candelaria. You can read about it here if you're a member of LJ:
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    Haven't been on Specktra in aaages!

    Hey girls!! Hope you missed me :P I totally lost interest in MAC and make up in general and I've been really busy with school. I have NO idea which MAC collections are out or upcoming so I am going to browse all the boards. How have you all been?
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    Make up for this outfit?

    Okay, this is what I am planning to wear for the New Years Eve party I am going to but I am unsure on what to do about make up? I was thinking about a black with slight navy smokey eye and just natural pink glossy lips but I'm not sure so...
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    My MAC dream

    I had this dream last week... I went to MAC in London to exchance some empties for a B2M l/s and I was talking to the MA and she said "Would you be interested in something else instead?" So I was like "Maybe, what ya got?" Then she gave me the Zandra Rhodes palette which was apparently...
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    Suprise weight loss and a question!

    As some of you may know (if you read the fitness journal I started) I started eating healthily roughly two months ago... but after a while, I stopped losing weight. I don't think I was quite as motivated so my good habits slipped. However, I didn't put on any weight, I just stayed the same. But...
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    Hair style help

    Would this ( suit someone with a round/chubby face?