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    LOL and more haul :D

    My goodies: Summer Rose Beauty Powder, Prim & Proper Blush, Bough Grey, Birds & Berries, and Da Bling eyeshadows, English Accents, Lavender Wind, Almondine, and Cultureclash lipglasses, and Blooming Lovely, Rose Maiden, and Bubblegum lipsticks Just got my order in today and I'm soooo excited to...
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    First ever CCO haul

    I went to Orlando to take my son to Disney World for his spring break. So, this was my first time ever near a CCO so I had to stop by. I didn't get everything I wanted to because I knew I needed to save most of my money for souveneirs and food and whatnot, but I spent exactly $127 and I'm...
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    My Hello Kitty Haul

    I finally have all of my HK stuff, including the traincase my boyfriend totally suprised me with! He doesn't get my makeup addiction, but he still tries to make me happy. So, on to the goodies.... * Traincase * Brush set * Pink Fish TLC * Big Bow l/s * She Loves Candy l/g * Reflects Very...
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    question about empty palettes

    This may be a dumb question, but I just got a 15-pan palette with the pans and magnets from Stars Makeup Haven so I can start depotting at last. I just put my first depot into the palette but the magnet does not make it stay in place. What am I doing wrong?
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    What MAC brushes DON'T I need?

    I know there are similar threads about what is everyones staple brushes, but I wanted to do it a little different. I've decided to buy one brush with every order I make. So is there any brushes that just aren't worth it? Or that are so limited in their use that other brushes are better? I...
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    So freakin upset

    Okay, so UPS always delivers my packages around 5pm. Unfortunately I work from 2-10:30pm. Sometimes they leave my box with my apartment manager and sometimes they reschedule the delivery. Sucks, but oh well. Problem is, they delivered my package yesterday to one of my neighbors. I live...
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    Saving an old shadestick?

    I don't know how I missed it, but I just found my Gracious Me shadestick in the back of my makeup "cupboard." Its pretty dry but I don't want to throw it out. Its almost full! Anything I can do to save it or is it just a lost cause?
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    Final Hauls of 2008

    So yeah, its my 3rd post in here today but I like my stuff to be neat and organized lol. Chill: Wintersky, Vellum, and Arctic Gray eyeshadows Frozen Dream and Snowscene lipglasses Dame Edna: Wisteria Eye Trio Spectacle HighLight Powder Hot Frost and Splendid lipglasses Other: Warm Eyes...
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    My 25% off sale haul :)

    Okay so I tried to post this already, but it just wouldn't go through, so I'm hoping it does this time! Basically, I needed a "pick me up" and opened my email to find this sale.So, I already got all I wnted from Dame Edna and most of what I wanted from Chill, so I mostly got permanent line stuff...
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    I love my boyfriend

    So here is most of the stuff my wonderful boyfriend got me for Christmas. (I didn'tinclude the clothes, shoes, or... my day at the spa!!!) But he knows how much I love my MAC... and my Coach... so he tried his best to suprise me... Smokey Eyes x 6 Cool Eyes x 6 Silverstroke Fluidline...
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    My Humble Stash :)

    I have bought MAC on and off for a couple years now, since holiday 2005, but haven't *really* got into buying a whole until Cult of Cherry this year. So here is my MAC makeup.... Sorry for the big pics! eyeshadow singles: Odd Couple, Engaging, Hot Contrast, Polar Opposite, Jewel Blue, Pompous...
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    *My November Haulage*

    Adoring Carmine: 3 Neutral Lips Fascinating Ruby: 3 Plum Lips Little Darlings: 5 Cool Pigments Pigments: Gold Mode, Cocomotion, and Spiritualize Charming Garnet: Glamour Basics and a pencil sharpener but I didn't put it in the picture
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    My October MAC

    Manish Arora Eyes x 6 palette Viva Glam 3 Cool Lips palette Emanuel Ungaro Phloof! eyeshadow Petticoat MSF <3 Emanuel Ungaro Flower Mist Dew Lucent Sheersheen powder Pearlglide liners in Black Russian and Molasses Stark Naked beauty powder Blooming blush Manish Arora Pink Manish lipglass...
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    Bliss Me sans glitter?

    Over a year ago, I got Bliss Me Lipglass in a MUA swap. I really love the color, BUT I'm not too keen on the chunky glitter. Can anyone recommend a similar shade that doesn't have glitter? Shimmer is fine but I sure can't wear glitter during the day or to work lol. Thanks in advance!
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    A couple little hauls

    So Emanuel Ungaro is finally online.... and I only ordered 3 things. I'm SO not a matte eyeshadow kind of girl and the other colors were too bright for me, lol. But I still ended up with a little bitty haul: Phloof! eyeshadow Flower Mist Dew beauty powder Pastel Emotion lip glass and from the...