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    What's a Purple Haze comparative shadow?

    When I was depoting the shadow, it crashed to the floor and the pigment flyed all over. It was purple Haze,a deep purple that's not matte, but have a little shimmer/shine to it. here's a pic of it on UD's site here's the So my question is...
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    a question about too faced e/s

    this is prob in the wrong thread forum, so mods, please move it if it's wrongly place, thanks. so i just bought their e/s today and i was wondering what's with the case inside moving, it can be taken out. I mean it's megnitized so it can be replace with refill or something? I'm so confused why...
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    Mascara that both add length and volume

    Any rec of mascara between 15-30 dollars that add length and volume at the same time? also, if there is a primer you know that does that when combined with a mascara, please tell. Thanks in advance!
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    moisturizer with SPF not oily

    I need a recommendation of a moisturizer with spf (hopefully 20-30) that is not greasy/oily, hopefully an oil free/ water base formula. Any brand is welcome! Thanks in advance!
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    any recommandation on this brand of make up? It's available in Macy's. I was there today and took a look but was in a hurry to go so didn't try it. I wanted some opinion before making a purchase I might regret. Thanks in advance
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    gel eyeliner in Canada??

    So anyone know any really good gel eyeliners both high end/ low end. i just started to use some of it I picked up in Tokyo Airport last year and realize how much I love this stuff and don't know why i didn't before. Anyway, as far as I know, MAC carries quite a bit selection and Cheryl Baker...