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any recommandation on this brand of make up? It's available in Macy's. I was there today and took a look but was in a hurry to go so didn't try it. I wanted some opinion before making a purchase I might regret. Thanks in advance
the bad gal lash mascara is very very nice. i don't use the brush that comes with it though. it's uge and gets mascara on my eyelids!

i also love their Dallas blush/bronzer.


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BadGal Lash is my favorite mascara. The brush is HUGE, but I don't have any problems with it.


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Badgal lash is my absolute favorite mascara and I feel like I've tried them all. I'm also really interested in she-laq and have heard great things about it


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I use the Boi-ing concealer and it's the best I've concealer I've used. A little goes a long way and it doesn't budge or melt. But I think there's only 3 colour choices.


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I have just started working for them so i can suggest my faves:

VIP Gloss in My People Your People
Get Bent Mascara
Bad Gal Blue Mascara
High Beam



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i have their big beautiful eyes palette and love it! it really does all it says...but for their other products i'd say it's a hit or either really love them and they work perfect for you, or you hate them and they don't do anything for the price.


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Dr Feel good and Benetint - a MUST ! ! !
I like ooh-la-lift, which takes away the puffiness and dark circles of my eyes ina minute !


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Hoola bronzer is my fav. bronzer ever!I quite like BadGal lash but the brush is so big that it goes all over my eyelids..very annoying.


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I like Some Kind-a Gorgeous but it only has one shade. That's my almost exact color and I really don't think it would be "prefect for all skin tones" like they say it is.


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Dallas is great as both blush and bronzer--this is my fave!

High Beam is a great highlighter for light skintones...10 is also a great alternative cos you're getting a bronzer and highlighter all in one.

For light coverage foundation try Some Kind a Gorgeous--sheer enough for daytime looks.

I also recommend Eye Bright! I use this as an undereye concealer anytime of the day and it gives me this less tired look.


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i own bad gal lash, dallas, dandelion, show off's in mint julep and ruby doo, big beautiful eyes palette and high beam. some of the products i love and others not so much.
benefit can be a bit gimiky (sp?!?!) at times but they have quite a few best sellers which are of a good quality

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