20 and older!


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41 years young! and look pretty damn good for my age if I do say so myself!
People always tell me I look about 15 years younger than I really am...which is nice to hear!


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31, but I got carded trying to buy Lottery Scratch Offs, and you only have to be 18 to purchase, when he gave me back my ID, he called me Ma'm...LOL!!!


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I'm 22 & I wanna age gracefully!

No, I don't think I'm too early to say that. Time flies~~~


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Originally Posted by Ambi
I'm not even old but I feel like everyone everywhere is younger than me, I'm going through some crisis... :p
I turned 22 last week [but I look about 15] :]

Originally Posted by ishtarchick
same here, i'm 22 also and all the time i get asked why i tell i'm older than i am, people suppose i'm 17 or 18 .... guess it's a good thing, i'll be able to tell i'm 35 when i turn 40 LOL

Me too, just recently I when to some office and had to show my birth certificate, the guy asked me how I old I was, I told him 22 and he didn't believe me even with the birth certificate right in front of him. Like you said I guess that's going to be good when I'm 40 people won't believe me.


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i'm 16 BUT nearly everyone that i talk to for the first time thinks that i'm 19 or older. it's odd..and it sucks because if i'm 30 and look 40, i'm gonna be angry lol

also, people always think my older sister (she's 32, 33 in jan.) is YOUNGER than me. \


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I'm 23 and I think I look about that, but people often mistake me for a 15/16 year old. I don't think that's a good thing, but I guess I'll be thankful about that when I get older


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26 but to some, apparently not even looking old enough to be a 16 year old. I got carded the other day too buying a 6-pack of beer.


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I'm 26...25 was okay, and I'm sure 27 will be better, 26 is just in the middle of nowhere, hehe this is crazy right?!


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im 24 but get confused for like 16-17 all the time... its annoying. do i really look that young???