<3<3 Out of Ideas, help please!


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Okey so I'm stuck with neutrals.
It's not all that bad, I like neutrals, but I just recently decided I wanted to be more colorful and I have NO idea where to start.

I'd love suggestions for cheeks, lips, eyeshadows and liner. Colorful, but not too bold, for example, chrome yellow is really not my thing. And also, tips on neutrals would be appreciated too
Any tips at all really

A picture so you can see my colors:

Thank you in advance! ^^


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Try darker shades of blues and greens
cheeks try subtle pinks and peaches
liners try greens and blues. (navy blue)

MAC is love

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I usually wear neutrals to school everyday, except for when I go out. A nice "neutral" color is Tempting, it's a GORGEOUS color, and you can make it bold or just lightly apply it so it's more neutral. Also, I think some greens would look lovely, you should look into Swimming & Juxt, which are both great colors to start off with when using greens. HTH!


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Jag tror du hade varit jättefin i grönt/grönblått och i lila till ögonen. Kolla gärna in Theleopardcake's tutorials och FOTDs, hon har jättefina kombinationer och jag tror ni har ungefär samma färger.
Eftersom du har mörka ögon ser de mer nedtonade ut, men är ändå inte särskilt skrikiga. Grönt och guld är ju en vinnande kombination, och det tror jag hade passat jättebra på dig. Lila är också en universalt smickrande färg, jag som har blå ögon älskar lila, och jag är ändå rätt rädd för mycket färg på just ögonen.

Gröna skuggor: sumptuous olive, club, bitter, humid, swimming.
Lila skuggor: creme de violet, satellite dreams (såå snygg!), beautiful iris, parfait amour, hepcat, stars n' rockets.
blacktrack f/l, pop iris l/l, smolder eye kohl, teddy eye kohl, prunella eye kohl, tarnish eye kohl, sweet sage f/l.

Rouge: Plum foolery, peaches, sunbasque, style, pink swoon, margin, gingerly, buff, melba, mocha, prism.

Läppar: hug me l/s, nymphette lipglass, jellybabe lipgelée, wonderstruck lustreglass, high tea l/s.


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For eye colours, I'd give greens or purples a shot. Swimming or Juxt as mentioned above would make a great lid colour with humid in the crease. Purples require so playing with to find the right shade that makes you happy, I find. For lips, a soft pink could be lovely, or something warm and peachy. Ahoy, There from Naughty Nauticals might be worth a shot! For the cheeks, I think peaches would be absolutely lovely or, again, some soft pink... or coral!

A good idea with neutrals is to throw in a bit of bright colour somewhere for a really stand out effect. For example, if you use all browns and then have a bit of brightly coloured eyeliner, it would look great.


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Hej hej!!

Jag är med fashionette. Jag gillar hepcat e/s, mythology e/s, satellite dreams e/s, aquadisiac e/s, golden olive p/m, gold stroke p/m...


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I think soft pastels (pinks, greens, yellows) would be a great way to start incorporating color into your e/s without being too bold at first. That way you can practice the application and blending.


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Here are my suggestions...warning it's long!

Eyeshadows: Greens and purples are the easiest to add for a pop of color without being too bold. You might try Juxt, Swimming, or Greensmoke for greens and Satellite Dreams, Beautiful Iris, or Shale (which is a really pretty neutral plum) for purples. Golden yellows can also add a bit of color, but being neutral-ish. Try Goldmine or Gorgeous Gold. I think oranges and bronzes would look beautiful on you and orange is really easy to tone down (just blend in a pale neutral like Dazzlelight). Try Orange, Amber Lights, Juiced, or Tempting (I love Tempting!).

Eyeliners: Liners are great because they're quick, but I really love using my shadows with a little mixing medium as liners, too. Any of the shadows above could easily be used as a liner by using the shadow wet (or with a mixing medium). I also love using pigments (again with mixing medium). I would suggest buying samples of bright pigments (there are quite a few sellers here on Specktra) to see which colors you really like and then you can invest in the full-size version of those. Otherwise, checkout Fluidlines like Macroviolet, Waveline, or Shade, as these are colorful, but will not detract from your shadows.

Lips: If you're doing a brighter eye, I personally would opt for a nude/toned down lip. I really love using pale pinks with a bit of gloss. You might check out Politely Pink or Plink! l/s with Gemshine lipgelee or clear lipgloss. You could also pull of a nude really well. I'm estimating by your coloring that Myth, Hug Me, Fleshpot, or Gel l/s with Viva Glam V l/g. Other great neutral looking glosses are Underage, Prrr, Oyster Girl, and C-Thru. And I think Bare Slimshine is a MUST!! The great neutral lipliners are Spice, Subculture, and Oak.

If you want a bright lip, the Slimshines are great because they provide a pop without being overpowering. You might also try Sweetie or Sophisto l/s or Pink Poodle or Lychee Luxe l/g.

Cheeks: Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush is fantastic for a sheer, pop of color. My favorite blush is Mocha...it gives just a nice, subdued pink flush. Springsheen is also really pretty...it gives a gorgeous glow and I think is a pretty good dupe of NARS Orgasm.

Whew, I'm outta breath! I tried to give you stuff from the perm. line, but I would highly suggest the LE collections for fun and bright colors. HTH!!


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I agree that purples and greens would look amazing on you! To slowly introduce color, put a more vivid color on the lid and keep neutrals in the crease and under the brow.

Here's my recs for lid colors for you: Satellite Dreams, Hepcat, and Sumptuous Olive

For the lips, start adding color by glosses, then move on to lipsticks. It'll ease you in more slowly

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