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I've ordered the following over time...

Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette & Get Baked Palette
MAC Provence Pigment
MAC Russian Red Lipstick
MAC Style Minx Lipgloss
Tarte Tipsy Cheek Stain
Wholesale Lot Smashbox Bionic Mascara
Wholesale Lot Smashbox Radiance Blush
MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass
MAC Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass
MAC Sweet Thing Lipstick
MAC Coral Polyp Lipstick
And several times, their excellent Stars Make Up Haven Palettes

I've never found anything to be less than 110% authentic & I've always been really happy with their delivery time to New Zealand


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Great site!!
I haven't ordered yet, but deffinitely will.
It's just that postage price is a bit too high comparing to other online stores, but I can live with that :D


I received my Strobe Cream about a week after I ordered it to N.Z and its amazing! so happy with the packaging and even though i went for the second most expensive shipping rate (out of three?) it still saved me about $20 NZD instead of buying it from MAC!


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I just received an order and there was a mixup in products as i ordered the same in two differnt colours but ended up receiving the same colour twice :s emailed them and they havent gotten back to me its been almost a week blah! i don't think i would be ordering from them again if they just decide to ignore customers ---- what bad service!


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I've heard really good things about this site, and just made my first order last Saturday late at night. My order was shipped first thing Monday & I'm currently tracking it! I'll let you know how the products look when I get them in the next day or so. I think I've found my new MAC pigment sample website :)


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I ordered mine last Monday and received it on Friday I believe! I was SO happy with my purchase. $4.75 for shipping for the 4 items that I ordered. Not bad at all!


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I have received terrible customer service recently! And I would encourage all potential buyers to avoid this website at all costs!!!
1. Five months later my order has still not arrived and despite many emails, Sheri Butte copy and pasted the same replies to me, like she was an automated computer.
2. Today, she sent me an email to advise that the parcel had been returned because of an incorrect address.
3. I asked for a full refund as I did not want to pay postage AGAIN for makeup that had been in transit for five months.
4. I was not given a full refund and she was highly rude and said it was my fault because I provided the incorrect address. That which I did not!!!!!!! I don't know how she thinks she has the nerve to tell me where I live in Australia?!
Nothing but painful and rude dealings. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!


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I have ordered from them many times; however, their new website is so confusing. Since they changed their website, I haven't ordered anything. Sometimes, change isn't always good.

princess sarah

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I haven't had a problem with this site before, I always pay for higher postage and tracking because its coming to Australia so I can keep an eye on it. When they changed the postage system my package took 2 weeks but they were polite and got back to me straight away when i inquired. Since then I have stuck to the FEDEX postage to here and arrived with 3-4 days. Because the postage is expensive, when i place an order I always make sure its for a decent amount of things to make it worth while. I mainly order MAC brushes, OCC Lip Tar & Brushes and pigment samples from this site.

I will be back there again


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Hi! I am here straight from Google, because I am so stressed out with my recent product-mix-up purchase from ACW. I purchased many,many times from them without problems. However, recently my NARS blush purchase came with the right box but inside there was a used eyeshadow duo instead! I don't mind if its a new eyeshadow but that was one messy, old & used shadow with glitter fallout everywhere! Not to mention blah colors that won't work on me. I have emailed them & wrote on their facebook page but no reply plus I get lots of non-delivery messages. Does anyone know which of their customer service email that actually works? Thanks


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Hello to anyone from New Zealand, I just bought a whole bunch of stuff from about NZ $500, I didn't think about customs, did anyone have to pay for tax on their packages? I heard NZ stops Makeup packages and charges tax, all the things I bought are M.A.C brushes, no makeup... unless their also considered as makeup?! if anyone could answer this it'd be much appreciated! Thanks :D


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i agree. i never received my item. i waited two months and tried contacting them, and nothing! feel really ripped off.


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It looks like most of their MAC items are the same price as what MAC sells it for. If that's the case, I might as well order from MAC and get free shipping if it's a permanent item. That alone turns me off from this site.


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I've never had a problem w/ them, items were always authentic. Several days ago they had mac petals and peacock for $30 and I saw they had it today for $40...its sold out but that just kinda sucks


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They sell fakes now. Not sure of they did it by accident, but how do you send fake nars brushes? I also think its abit coincidential there was lots of fake liberty lipsticks on eBay then suddenly they had them too.


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On the right in each photo is the fake MAC Fafi lipglass, on the left is my authentic one. Notice the lid on theirs has a raised center (aka, dome or bump) the color of theirs is off which is not as noticeable on the full tube shot but you can see more clearly on the photo of the bottom of the tube. The Fafi Sticker on the lid sticks up a tiny bit higher over cap. Scent is totally wrong as is texture. Also note their font where it says FAFI on the tube is way thicker then it should be. No label on bottom to me suggests they peeled off what was probably a sticker with a number 3 or such on it like the fake Fafi Lipglosses had and they peeled off. I have NO doubt this is 110% fake. Also I has never ordered from them before. I'm very leery of fake makeup online unless it's from a retailer I know sells authentic stuff aka MAC, Macys, Norsstrom. I ordered from here ONLY after I read a ton of reviews here, on the internet and asked a few good friends I've made here who have ordered from them. I am posting this so others can see they obviously DO have at least some fake items. I did email them and will update if they reply.

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