Allen, TX CCO (Allen Premium Outlets)


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Does anyone know anything about Black Friday at this CCO? Will they be opening at midnight like they did last year? I didn't get to go last year, but did they have stuff on sale or was it just regular price? Thanks!!


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Ok well I went today, they still have the same eyeshadows and quads
just a few new things i saw..

MSF Blush Duos in
-Earth to Earth
-Hot Planet
-light over dark
-moon river
-Perfect Topping
-Circa Plum
-Bell Bottom Blue
-Vintage Gold
-Gold Mode


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I went yesterday to check it out, and i am going back to day to pick up things that i put on hold.

While i was paying for my duo fiber fan brush (lol), i counted how many pigments & GLITTERS they had in the case: 27
Also eye pallets
both heatherette
both dame edna
shadowy lady
tempting (they had probably 15 of each of CoC)
holiday 2008 cool and ??

basically all of the same stuff the only one that really stood out to me was blast o blue
they had some fafi and 3D glasses nothing new there (plus of course 20 other l/g)

single shadows:
they had many starflash and 2 neo sci fi colors, they had pretty much all of the cool heat shadows, or at least the popular ones
they had some naughty naughticals shadows and some just regular discontinued shadows

they had about 14 shades of fluidline and 6 shades of paint pot (they still have electro sky)

all of the foundations were all nc40+ so thats a no for my NC15 skin
both rose romance rose shaped beauty powders
emanuel ungaro fashion dew beauty powder
perfect topping MSF

a few traincases
fafi dolls
fafi tote bag
many small mac bags
some skin care things
brush sets from patternmaker, holiday 2007, 2008


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also, they have about 10 mac brushes displayed, but the sales woman said that they dont display most of their brushes because they get stolen. while she was finding a brush for me i saw the 183 kabuki and i was so excited because i have heard really great things about that brush so YAY


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Do you happen to know which pigments and fluidlines they had? I'll be semi in the area in a week, not sure if I should make the trip though. TIA!


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sorry for getting back to you so late...

they had almost every limited edition fluidline (blue peep, frostlite, blitz and glitz, sage, the purple one....) i'm sorry i know there were about 10 of them.

as for pigments they had mostly limited edition, (kitchmas, deep blue green, bell bottom blue, mutiny, rose gold, mauvement...) i'm sorry its been a while since i was there, but they had about 20-25 glitters and pigments


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I should be going up to the store either tomorrow or Thursday. Anybody need me to look for anything in specific?
I went to the CCO on Sunday. Their selection was pretty limited. You know how normally they have 2 stands of MAC and that shelving unit along the side wall. This time they only had 1 and the shelving unit. I don't remember what collections some of the items came from. They had a TON of Mineralize Skinfinish.

some of the Skinfinishes that I remember: Porcelain Pink, So Ceylon, Gold Deposit, Blonde, Brunette

they also had a blush/beauty powder from the Emanuel Ungaro collection...I believe it was Flower Mist Dew

They also had some Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadows in Gold Stroke and Gilded Ash

They had a Fafi doll...I believe it had on a green outfit...

Quite a few eyeshadow & lip palettes (can't remember the collection/s they came from)

Foundation: they had Studio Stick and Moisture Blend. And the foundation that is numbered 200, 300, etc (I think that's Hyper Real?)...they also had Mineralize SPF Loose Powder Foundation...I noticed normally they have shades of foundation more for WOC but this time they had mostly 15-35 range

They had a tube of Prep+Prime Line Filler (it was in a black tube)

lots of Strobe Liquid, Honey Salve (Style Warrior), and Moisture Cream

a ton of fluidline colors (didn't pay too much attention as I only use black)

they had a Pearlglide black eyeliner w/multi colored glitter in it (should've gotten that)

Zoom Lash and Pro Lash

didn't really check out the glass case with the piggies in it...they had quite a few eyeshadow quad pallettes in there though...


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Went this past weekend, and the selection was pretty sad. Only a few eyeshadows and lippies. There were quite a few MSFs and pigments, but they were older ones (nothing super rare) and there wasn't any of the recently d/c'd larger jar variety.


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I went today and they had this whole face kit... i can't remember what it was called but it included
1 MAC lip stick (cant remember which one)
1 MAC Iridescent powder in Belightful
1 MAC eyeshadow in Knight Divine
1 MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch
1 MAC mini zoom lash
1 brush #181 the mini kabuki!
for only.............. $41!!! +tax


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Hey Ladies,

I haven't been to the Allen, TX CCO myself, but I came accross this post (posted on May 5, 2010) on LJ, and thought I would repost it here for any of you who might be looking for full sized pigments..

If you live near a CCO, or if you are thinking about going to one soon, GET THERE SOON. I went in the Allen,TX CCO today and I was pleasantly surprised. There were about 25 pigments there and quite a few were permanent pigments in the old packaging. I'm assuming that it's from when the old jars got discontinued, but I don't know. All I do know is that I got a Platinum pigment for $12.75. And they had Golden Lemon, Teal, Gold, and so many more. So, if you can manage it, get to a CCO. I don't think that you'll regret it.


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I went yesterday. I started writing things down, but my pen broke part-way through so I only got e/s and l/s. Here's what I remember:

- about 20 pigments: kitchmas, cocomotion, pink bronze, pink opal, teal, fairy lite, etc. (old jars)

- photorealism, in the gallery, tempting, fafi eyes 2 and about 3 other quads

- Holiday '09 and '08 e/s palettes and mini pigment and l/g sets from Holiday '09

- eye and lip bags from Holiday '09

- lots of l/g (Cult of Cherry, Li' Hot Pepper, Snowgirl, Wonderstruck, Sonic vibe, Queen Bee, Buzz, Virgin Kiss, Soft and Slow, Strawberry Blonde, Red Devil + lots more)

- Sublime Shine dazzleglass creme

- Lipsticks: B-babe, Viva Glam IV, Strayin', Sharp Focus, Crazee, Sparks Can Fly, Blow Dry, Rozz Revival, Dubonet, Skew, Lovin' It, Strange Hybrid, Madly Creative, Fast Thrill, Burnin, Marquise d', Gilty Kiss, Made with Love, Hold the Pose, What a Do!, Full Body, Red She Said, Colour Crafted, Propogate, Inner Hue, Creme Cerise, Resolutely Red, Blast O Blue, Trimming Talk, Jest, Front Lit, Provision, Strawbaby, Barely Lit

- Eyeshadows: Blue Flame, Dreammaker, Suave Intentions, Love Lace, Haunting, Sunset B, Femme Fi, Submarine, Mink & Sable, Warming Trend, Knight Divine, French Cuff, Warm Chill, Lotusland, Star by Night, Knight, Felt Blue, Shore Leave, Henna, Scene 1, Floral Fantasy, Lavendar Sky, Grand Entrance, Vellum, Ego

- MES: Fresh Green Mix, Girlish Romp, Heat Element, Interview, Illusionary/Burning Ambition, Family Silver, Bright Side/Gallery Gal, Word of Mouth, Earthly Riches, Fashion Patch, Odd Bits, Mayhem, Under Your Spell, Midnight Madness, It's a Miracle

- 6 or 7 shadesticks: sharkskin, butternutty, red velvet, beige-ing

- 10 - 12 fluidlines

- the perfect cheek blush and a couple more (pretty small blush/msf selection)

- Triple Fusion, Porcelain Pink msf's + a couple more

Planning on going back next week sometime to finish/update my list.


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Omg girl you are a lifesaver! Thanks for the list.

Ill be making a trip this weekend. Any of you girls wanna go shopping together? I get an extra 10% discount i'm willing to share with y'all.... just PM me whenever, i dont have many friends in the area

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