another question! ;)


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I dont particularly like mac mascaras. I dont know why. I have like 8 of them, and Ive never even opened some.
I love my shu uemura mascara, and I do like stilas major lash. Weird, I pretty much hate stila but like their mascara, love mac and dislike theirs...

(ps. you may want to be a bit more specific in your topics to draw attention to them, such as Question about mac mascara or mascara in general. Sometimes the "take a look please" go un-noticed because of the generalized topic. HTH!)


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I have my good days with mac's zoomlash, but that's about it. I've fallen in love with lancome's hypnose mascara, it's just as good as YSL effet cil;s faux, but hypnose doesn't crumbe off atthe end of my day


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Personally I've always loved Clinqiue mascara for lengthening and my mom adores it since she has peachy fuzz eyelashes (barely there I swear). Low end wise I like Almay for L'Oreal to do the job. But like I said my ultimate fave is Clinique.

and like mac_obsession said above, I'm also not a fan of MACs mascara - it just never seems to do the trick for me, but I do know someone who likes Zoomlash for lengthening.