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Hey guys, I'm new here! I recently had 2 interviews at a mac counter. My one-on-one interview went fantastic, my demo interview went really well too. The only critiques I got was to use less space on my station. I got a call the same day for a phone interview with the regional manager. I took down her number and I was suppose to call the next day at 9:45 am. The next day, I realized I forgot the number at my job in my locker. I was panicking so I called the mac counter so that they can give me the number again. I got the number. It was 10:08 am when I called the regional manager. I left a voicemail. And I tried calling one more time an hour later. The store manager at the counter told me I'm going to have to wait til Monday to reschedule the phone interview. (Its friday by the way) I'm really worried I lost this opportunity. It's for a part time position. I believe I am very qualified for this position and I've practice and educated myself very well about the company. Did I ruin my chances on getting the job by missing the 3rd interview? Do I still have a chance? I'm so anxious and nervous


I started in a contracted position but switched to freelance after my daughter was born. So my feedback would be to absolutely be yourself and let your personality shine, be open and accepting of any feedback (if any)/show an eagerness to learn and expand your artistry, be knowledgable on a consumer level and above all: Be SANITARY, I'm talking clinical sanitation. No blowing on brushes (I've seen this), always transfer product from original container with a clean utensil to a pallet for use. If you cross contaminate, the product must be discarded and this adds up as waste, be aware of how you're applying and do not be afraid to ask if unsure on how to keep something sterile what the proper procedure is.


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Hi I have a question? I was a mac freelancer at the Macy's counter at my local mall. Needless to say the manager was kinda shady and only would give hours to certain girls. I have good sales skills and makeup application skills but i just think she didn't like me personally. So I was never fired she just stopped giving me hours and i started school full time. It has been 6 months since I've worked at the Macy's counter. I would like to work at a different mac counter now at Dillard's same mall but my question is do I have to reapply at a different counter since I rememer her telling me that we may be called to work at Dillard's as well?


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If you are a freelancer then you can work at any local counter. Just call and talk to the other counter's manager and let them know you have some availability.


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Hi there. I just passed my interview as a Mac freelancer. What can you recommend for me to do from here. Do I now need to go to Mac stores and apply for freelancer position. Thank you


You can either go to each of the counters, and introduce yourself and let them know of your availability and give them your contact information. You don't need to apply if you have already been hired on as a freelance artist.