Bought it because of the name


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I was on the MAC website and checking out A Muse. Nothing really caught my eye but the MSF. I looked at the l/s and saw 15 Minutes and said to myself hey that's cute. And said I would probably buy it just because of that.

Have you ever bought a MAC product because of the name?


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I'm probably going to buy blonde on blonde b/c I love bob dylan. I do this a lot w/ NARS blushes too!


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yep, i want oversexed lipglass from one of the upcoming collections mainly for the name but i think that shade will look nice on me too.


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Oo that is sooo me. I think 75% of the stuff that I own I bought it because of the name. I am not much of a make wearer(?) but I have tons of makeup. more lg than anyother. I think MAC come up with very unique/interesting name for their lip glosses. =P


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Oh. And Strawberry Blonde (reminded me of a milkshake for some reason). But I ended up loving it -- even bought a bunch of back-ups.


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Originally Posted by feebee
Not MAC, but i did buy Stila lipstick in "Fiona" because its my name... sad!

Ha! I bought a Prescriptives lipstick called Carmen for the same reason.


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Carmen... thats such a pretty name!

Lol the girl at the Stila counter was trying to flog me one of the gloss sticks instead of the lipstick... but i stood my ground lol!! (without admitting the real reason why i wanted it so much!)
Thankfully the colour does look nice on me!


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ciao manhattan. its awesome, but the name is adorable.

whenever I get my nails done I pick nailpolish color by the name - OPI has some great marketing and advertisement people! I look at the bottles from underneath on the display until I find a name I like and hopefully like the color too. I love "I'm Not Really a Waitress", "Dress to Empress" and "Don't SocraTease Me"


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I recently bought agate from a member here, simply b/c of the name... my grandmother used to collect agates, and it's all sentimental for me now...