Boys In Make-Up...opinions.


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As a teen i was in love with David Bowie. I still find him fascinating so yeah, I have no issues with men in makeup.


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My boyfriend used to wear a little makeup (mainly eyeliner and nail polish) and I loved it on him but we both favor a more alternative style. Neither of us are offended by other people having a creative image. He only stopped because he was concerned about limiting his job options.


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I think its fine for them to wear makeup. Everyone should have the freedom to do what they want. It might still surprise me if I see a guy out in the street with makeup but I think I would quickly accept it.


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Obviously people can wear whatever they want but personally it's just not attractive to me on guys. But it's only in the way that some people aren't attracted to redheads or people with long hair or something. More power to them if they want to wear it. It's just not my thang.


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I'm absolutely OK with it!


I'm itching to make up one of my male friends, I just think he'd look sooo good in light make up (or even full on drag). So yeah, super ok with it. ;)


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Absolutely fine! I wish more boys were understanding/knowledgable of makeup too instead of being judgmental like 'oh, I prefer when girls don't wear makeup'


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My prom date wore eyeliner and he looked beautiful. I no longer find it something that would be sexually attractive to me, but I don't particularly care if men wear it, whether it's a very showy, very made-up face or some subtle bronzer and concealer. Makeup is delightful, but not everyone feels that way (although clearly pretty much 100% of this board does, otherwise why would you be here? :) ).


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I know I'm super late to this discussion and I haven't read every comment in the thread so my apologies if this question had already been asked, but it seems like most of you are pretty comfortable with men wearing makeup. What would you guys consider being "overboard" or "going to far" with how much or even the type of makeup (ie blush, lipstick...) a guy wears?


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I feel that either sex should be able to do what they wish without judgement of others. I had a situation recently in store where a female customer attempted to call out a male customer for doing his brows. Ughhh not to mention his were 10x better I'm allllllll for men in makeup !!!!do what you love :)


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I'm all for it-- I got into makeup through theatre and my dad actually taught me a lot about it as a former theatre major and college mime, including advice on color and on what theatre tips weren't applicable to everyday things.

I think makeup is for everyone. Whether it's part of a costume/job, there to invisibly highlight a feature or hide a flaw (just the way many women use it), or to be fun and colorful, everyone deserved to have fun with their appearance however they feel good doing it.

Besides, it looks good. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love a man in makeup.


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I'm fine with men in makeup, but I have to admit that I'd be a little turned off romatically if someone I dated wore a noticable amount. I find it more natural for men who on TV or in theatre, or if we were having professional pictures taken and he wore some pressed powder with concealor or something.

I am absolutely turned off by men who refuse to even consider the idea. It's fine if they don't want to (although I'd love a man who let me experiment on him at least once) but a man can easily wear makeup and be a "real", man. Forced masculinity irks my soul.


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I love the idea of men wearing as much make up as they wish to. It would be great to turn the predominance of women and makeup on its head. Even the thought of it is very sexy ...


So, one of my friends is a drag queen and god, the queens can beat their mugs better than most ladies I've seen. They know how to contour (*coughs* for the gods!) and to enhance their best features & create a pretty face. Nothing but respect for dem b**chs

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