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I'm not sure where else to put this question, but here goes... Do you use bronzer? What is it supposed to be used for? How do you use it? What brush do you use? What's your favorite? Thanks!


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I think bronzer use varies with each individual...I'm quite pale, so I use it to add a warm glow to my skin, and I use a darker, more matte one as a contour. I usually use a big fluffy brush and lightly dust over the areas the sun would naturally hit; tops of my cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin, and shoulders. For the contour I use the 109 brush (it fits nicely in all the areas that need contouring) and buff it in to the hollows of my cheeks, a bit near my temples and nose, and right under my jawline. I just got the Illamasqua bronzing duo and I'm in LOVE with it. the lighter side is a perfect bronzer for me, and the darker shade is an awesome contour color. They're both slightly shimmery, but not terribly so...I generally stay away from shimmery contours, but I don't even notice it once I put it on. They've got one for darker skin, and one more suited for lighter skin, though the light color is the same in both. HTH!


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I'm already medium/tan, but I still wear bronzer to add a glow to my face. I really love Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in Golden Bronze. I use golden bronzers rather then darker, brown bronzers because I feel like I get a more natural, sunkissed glow that way.
Plus, I feel like dark bronzers make brighter blush shades like peach or pink harder to show up on my cheeks, and I hate that.


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I use a matte bronzer (like smashbox's bronze lights in suntan matte, or a darker shade of MSF natural) and contour my cheekbones, forhead..

For nighttime make-up with full foundation I recently started using NARS multiple bronzer (stick form) in malaysia. I usually apply it with my fingers and blend it out with the 109 brush.


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I'm a tannish-brown girl (MAC C7/Px Antelope), but I can't go without bronzer. As soon as I even out my skintone with foundation, I look crazy (lol, I have a golden-olive complexion that kinda goes sallow sometimes). So I use bronzer and a highlighter to give my face "life". I use just a little bit and it makes a huge difference, if only to me lol.

My faves are Bobbi Brown matte and illuminating bronzers. Also Nars and Cargo. I use Nars' bronzer brush to apply (in a #3 shape motion on the face).


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I'm NC30, with olive undertones.. Having foundation on alone makes me look sort of washed out/beige.. so I use brown with a big fluffy brush all over my face to add depth to my face and make me look more alive. Lately I've been using Sunny by Nature MSF, i love it.. and sometimes I use Matte Bronzer.. both by MAC.


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^ what she said. I'm NC30-35 so I'm not really fair/porcelain. bronzer gives my skin some life and makes it look not so.. dull and lifeless.

My favorites, in no particular order-

Bobbi Brown Matte, Illuminating Bronzers
Laura Geller's Bronze n' Brighten
MAC So Ceylon and Sunny By Nature MSF

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