Collection Superstition (Fall 2013)


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Le Blush Crème de Chanel - Cream Blush $38.00
• Destiny - Golden Beige
• Présage - Apricot (limited edition)
• Révélation - Soft Shimmering Pink
• Inspiration - Soft Blue Pink
• Affinité - Intense Blue Pink
• Fantastic - Burgundy (limited edition)

Vitalumière Aqua - Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15 $45.00
• 30 Beige - Sandy Beige (Repromote)

Rouge Coco - Hydrating Crème Lip Colour $34.00
• Icône - Golden Beige
• Mystique - Apricot

Rouge Coco Shine - Hydrating SHEER Lipshine $34.00
• Secret - Soft Shimmering Pink ( Limited Edition)
• Instinct - Soft Blue Pink ( Limited Edition)

Rouge Coco Shine - Hydrating COLOUR Lipshine $34.00
• Rendez-vous - Intense Blue Pink
• Esprit - Burgundy

Les 4 Ombres - Quadra Eye Shadow $59.00
• Mystère - Golden Khaki, Golden Ivory, Silver Taupe, Matte Khaki (US Exclusive, Limited Edition)

Ombre Essentielle - Soft Touch Eyeshadow $28.50
• Gri-Gri - Metallic Taupe (Limited Edition)
• Hasard - Matte Lavender

Stylo Yeux Waterproof - Long-Lasting Eyeliner $30.00
• Khaki Précieux - Khaki with Bronze Tint

Le Volume de Chanel - Mascara $30.00
• Khaki Bronze - Khaki with Bronze Tint (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis - Nail Colour $27.00
• Elixir - Milky Pink
• Alchimie - Golden Khaki (Limited Edition)
• Mysterious - Deep Khaki

Ships to counters June 10th


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I'll start the queue for people wanting a CP for that quad... I think it's the thing I actually want the most out of the whole collection, based on the descriptions. Well, that and the individual shadows, which sound like the kind of things I'd wear every day. Possibly the nail colours too. And Espirit lipstick...

But I'm fairly certain I'm going to need that quad...


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Wowza! Everything sounds just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, Teger!
I agree, the quad sounds like a winner. I haven't bought a Chanel quad yet, because I only want the US version, I don't care about the Euro version we have here. So a CP is needed if I want one anyway.
I really like the description of the e/s duo as well (hello, metallic taupe!?), and I'm pretty sure both khaki polishes will come home with me.
And I'm interested in all of the RCS. I think one of them is similar to Boy, so I want that one.
Chanel fall collections are the best. And most expensive.


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Oh, me too!!!

That quad and a backup will be MINE!!! The nails and the Gri Gri shadow are definitely on my list too.....

Thanks so much for sharing Teger!!! My wallet isn't too happy, but that's ok!
It will get over it!!

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Odd that the quad is "US exclusive". Does it mean that Europe and Asia will get the usual baked quad, or no quad at all? Can't wait to see all the pictures!

I recently purchased a matte lavender eyeshadow from shu uemura, part of the ob x shu uemura collection. The quality is supreme, I'm curious to see how Chanel compare. I guess Chanel's will be softer. For those interested, you can see swatches here.


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I took it to mean that Europe and Asia would not get it at all, but I guess we'll see. Those pastels look so springy!


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I took it to mean that Europe and Asia would not get it at all, but I guess we'll see. Those pastels look so springy!
I think you're right. Usually they don't differentiate one formula from another, they just say that the quad is available without mentioning that it's in different formulas depending on where you live.


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it's supposed to be peter phillips' last collection, isn't it?
il seems an unforgettable one .
do any of us know who is gonna replace him?


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I remember having a quad call Les Mysteres ages ago and it was all shimmery colors. I really miss that quad. Right now I'm interested in the new quad, le volume in Khaki Bronze mascara and Alchemie nail polish.

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