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COONTAILS ! A guide on how to put these babies in your hair...


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If you're anything like me, you've sat at home on countless occasions and pondered on the subject of raccoons. Their beady little eyes, scrawny little paws and best of all, their beautifully ringed tails. Well guess what, you too can experience the joys of having a lovely pattern found in nature, but IN YOUR HAIR! Woo.

You will need:

- An old shirt you can wear whilst dying your hair [trust me, it gets EVERYWHERE]
- A towel, if necessary
- A comb to seperate your hair
- Hairclips + pony tails (not pictured)
- TAPE ! (not pictured, but it's clear tape. it's pictured later on)
- Your choice of hair dye. I used purple.
- Gloves
- Straightener, which is crucial. You'll see why.
- And of course, someone who wants coontails:


DISCLAIMER: If this doesn't turn out quite the way you wanted, then you did something wrong and can't blame me. Do this at your own risk! It's fairly fool proof, believe me, I can mess up on some of the simpliest things. But seriously it's not my fault if you mess it up. Just sayin'.

Step One: Pick your strands


Use your comb to pick out the pieces you want to dye. I already bleached strands of my hair to dye, and you can do the same. It's actually the best thing to do if you really want your colour to show up (if you have dark hair, that is). It's best that you pick a chunk about an inch or so thick, depending on your tastes.

Step Two: Get the rest of your hair out of the way!


Once you've got your strands all picked out, put the rest of your hair up using your hair clips and pony tails.

Step Three: Straighten your strands


This is important! You need to straighten your hair so that it sticks together and will dye more evenly.


All done!

Step Four: TAPE THEM UP!


Okay I know what you're thinking. 'Wtf, tape!?' but trust me, it's a cheap and effective way of achieving this look. I promise you, when you wash your hair the tape will come right off!
Sooo what you do is, wrap the tape around the area that you want to stay your hair colour.

Get them spaced as evenly as possible, and you will be putting the hair dye in the gaps. You want to make sure you have the tape on pretty tight, pinching where it attaches together to make sure no dye will seep in. You might also want to pull the chunk of hair you're dying, so that all the hair is bunched together, if you know what I mean. It makes it easier to put the tape on.
Finished product:

Step Five: Mix your dye


Mix up your hair dye according to the instructions. YOU DO NOT NEED A LOT. The first time I did this, I mixed about half the bottle and ended up throwing most of it away. It was a huge waste.
I mixed about this much:

Step six: Snap on those gloves!


awww yeyuhhh, now we're talkin

Step Seven: DYE YO HURRR

So when you're dying, you only need a teeny tiny bit of hair dye. Get a little bit on your finger tip:

and work it into your hair, like so

Now do both sides and you should have this

Step eight: WAIT 30 MINS [or however long it says to]

Step Nine: RISE, WASH, CONDITON, etc etc
Wash everything out. Like I said, once the tape gets wet it should lose it's sticky-ness and fall out or slide out really easily. Shampoo your hair, condition it and then dry it.




Of course, it is always necessary to take a picture of yourself making a stupid face. I don't even know what I was thinking here


Pictures aren't too great, but what can you do! Have fun going wild with colour combos and things like that, go crazy!
Post pics if you do it, i'm interested in seeing how they turned out.


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Hm, I never thought of doing that, it looks pretty cool! I'm too much of a baby to do things like that with my hair haha nice job


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I'd never have the guts to do anything crazy with my hair (besides a wig) but still a good show how!


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that looks hot!

i remember christina having stripey hair at an awards show before...

you really remind me of nicole ritchie in the last 2 pictures!


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Originally Posted by dollbabybex
you really remind me of nicole ritchie in the last 2 pictures!

Haha really! I got that a lot when I was blonde ! I personally don't see it

And ladies, don't be scared to do put these in your hair! Even with temporary hair dye, just for something different. It's fuuuuun, I promise


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Wow, that's adorable!!! It looks SO good
I've been tempted to do funky colors again in my hair, basically the last time I can ever do it before I become a full fledged nurse (I'm still in college for it) and this is an interesting idea!

P.S. You must share the brand of contacts you are using. They look a lot better than the brand I used to wear


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Originally Posted by chronic
Kiki Kannibal would scalp you for this, lol

Ahahaha. Oh, Kiki.
If she hadn't done it, I'm sure someone else would have. Seriously, when you get into celeb status (even if it is over myspace lmfao), it is expected that people are going to draw inspiration from (and even completely copy) the way you dress or do your hair.
She acts the way preteens do when they're in middle school, when everyone freaks out because someone else likes the same band/style of clothing/hair style etcetc.
That's life, get over it.
Sorry, I just REALLY don't like her or the way she acts (from what I've seen on her website, anyways).

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