Darn it - I'm done with my makeup and I totally forgot to use :blank:


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I always forget lip products


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I usually forget mascara and sometimes I forget blemish concealer and only realize it when I'm applying powder.

Beauty Mark

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I forget to apply lip balm before I apply anything else. I like to let it absorb into my lips before I do a lipgloss/stick.


I don't really forget things, I usually just don't have time seeing as I'm always late. So I have to skip things even though it pains me a little. I usually try to at least wear foundation, powder, mascara, and lip gloss depending on how much time I have.


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I always forget lipbalm, because it's not inside my 'daily makeup' a.k.a my MAC drawer with Diorshow and cheap eyelashcurler. And if I actually do put it on, I normally take it with me in my pocket for the rest of the day and never put it back in my drawer...


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Originally Posted by BlahWah
I also forget doing my lips, since the colours I usually wear I keep in my purse. I think of doing them on the way out but end up just slapping something on while I'm driving (at a red light, of course).

There was one time I left the house without highlighting under my brows, I have no clue how. My only consolation is that I used neutral colours that day!

^^^ This is me all the way


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Yesterday, I forgot to put concealor underneath my eyes and when I noticed it, I had already done a full face and moved to do my eyes; so it was way late.


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Originally Posted by ♥MiCHiE♥
Mascara is one of the last things I apply, facewise. I'm getting better, but I used to always forget it.

Me, too!


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I've forgotten to fill in my brows a couple of times! Also, I used to forget to use my perfume, but now I use it everytime I go out!

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