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Depotting Using a Candle - Video


Hi Guys,

I've done a bunch of ways to depot from using pliers, to flat irons, etc...but this is the quickest and safest way for me to do it

I did a video in case someone would rather see it live action. Hope this helps!


Click on the link for the Video: YouTube - Depotting eyeshadow using a candle


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Thanks for the tutorial! This is the method I use as well and I have never broken or cracked an eye shadow.

Before I used a candle, I used the Enkore no heat method unsuccessfully and broke 3 eye shadows


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I really wish I would have seen this tutorial before I attempted to depot 4 of my eye shadows. They were all semi-successful. I kind of cracked one of them, and burnt some of the top of all 4.

I also didn't use the magnet, or label the shade, which I should do before I recycle the cases.

Oh, and I also burnt the crap out of a fork. =/

(I used the Depotting tutorial at the top of the page).

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