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Depotting w/ a Straight Iron


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Wow, yeah, easiest way I've found so far. I'd want to be able to peel the labels back off to stick them back on the pot with their pans too for B2M.


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Originally Posted by ben
What you'll need:

-Parchment paper
-Flat iron
-Glue (you may not need the glue if there is enough left on the back of the pan)
-Q-tip (to apply glue)
-MAC shadow pot
-MAC palette


1) Turn on iron, once it’s hot place the parchment over the plate and lay your popped out plastic insert onto the paper.


2) Wait, after awhile the pan should start to come free. Remove the pan using tissue to protect your fingers from the hot plastic. Push up on the bottom of the insert, use a knife to pry the pan out if necessary.



3) Place the empty pot onto the parchment for a few seconds; remove pot and peel off sticker.


4) Adhere the sticker to the back of a magnet, cut around the magnet.


5) Glue or stick the magnet to the back of the e/s pan.


6) Pop it into an empty spot in your pallete and you're done!


**obtained idea from a member in the MAC Cosmetics' community on LJ

My experiences with this

Straight iron-works GREAT!! I used tinfoil rather than parchment paper, as it's what I had. Shadows popped out no problem.

I bought a bunch of elf pans and quads so I just peeled the magnets off the back of them . Combined with the adhesive left on the mac pans it sticks great and I just pop it in the quad.

However, it's slow going so I thought I'd try baking in the oven for the rest of them.

It wasn't as successful, simply because if they cool too much you can damage your shadows (as I did to a bunch, fixed em with isoprop) and all I can smell is chemical plastic. Yuck. Had to keep re heating the lot.

So I give thumbs up to the straight iron method. Just watch your fingers don't touch the pans, HOT!!


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Wow I cant believe how easy that was. I've been saying I wanted to do this for the longest. Man that was easy. two thumbs and two toes up.


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AW.......I did this wrong. I screwed up the plastic insert. I assumed you held the iron closed and TOTALLY ruined the thing. Gonna try and shape it back again when I'm done with the rest.....


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Omg this technique is awesome! I just depotted 42 eyeshadows in less than 2 hours!
(that includes having to cut out magnetic circles) awesome awesome!


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Thanks so much for this tutorial. I used this method on Thursday and depotted 65+ eyeshadows and blushes. I got a little burned but that's ok, it's all healed now.
You can even do 2 at a time this way. It took a couple hours only.


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I'm depotting in anticipation of my MAC pallette (will be here Tuesday... I'm so excited)... Just tried this method.... it works really well! Thanks Ben!!

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