Disgusted at selfishness!!!


I consider myself to be a very nice person too, but in time I've learned that yourself and the well-being of your children come first before ANYTHING and ANYONE!! Right now I don't have children, but I don't make a lot of money either. But I don't loan people money and I refuse to overextend myself for someone else. In times like that you realize If I really don't have it why would I give it to you? Why would you let me?


A TRUE FRIEND would never ask or accept a gift knowing that you have kids.

Not to sound mean, but it DOES seem like you were trying to buy this person's friendship. If it was a true friendship. YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN!!


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I'm a bit late to this thread but I will say that I know exactly how you feel. I used to be the same way. I'd buy things for people thinking it might make us the best of friends and friendships that would last a lifetime. I'd let people borrow money only to never see them or the money ever again. People just suck and do not know how to appreciate/be thankful for anything. Now, like you, I am naturally a giving person. That's just what I do and how I am but being giving does not mean you have to actually give material goods but rather your time, patience, heart, and soul. It might sound a little cheesy but it's true. Give others your true self but stop trying to please people. Stop trying to convince people you are worth their time and friendship when you know they're jerks to begin with. People hardly ever change or do not realise your true motives

I know it's easier said than done but move on and know never to do this again unless of course you KNOW FOR SURE the other person is truly a friend. If you'd like to give them a gift, buy something small and meaningful but don't go spending all the money in your cheque account to please someone.

I'm glad I came across this thread (don't know how as I searched for "freshwater eyeshadow" and this came up LOL) because it has helped me realise some things about my self as well. These ladies gave great advice/opinions and remember that it's good to hear what others have to say from their perspective

Keep your chin up girl and remember you don't have to please anyone but yourself


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Actually I'm pretty sure you can take this to a small claims court, the only thing is, is that you have to have a good reason for wanting it back, such as the two of you were dating and he cheated on you and now you want back recent gifts that you bought him, or he messed up your property etc.(As long as you have a receipt) Altough, if you are just angry that now he is ignoring you, I think you'll have to figure out a way to just take it back, which would be a whole lot easier than taking him to court anyway. I would find a way of getting this phone back...i.e. having someone I know go to a party where he is and asking him if they can 'use' his phone and then taking off with it...something! P.s. I'd stop buying expensive gifts for people, you sound like a sweet person but this is setting yourself up to get used!


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I agree with the above.. being generous is a great trait to have however in life it's about surviving. I LOVE giving my friends and family everything I can to make them happy, and I certainly expect nothing in return - but you have to remember to put yourself first. Just being overly generous is definitely something that will put you in awful situations where you might be used and can get really hurt, and you don't deserve that!


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I wonder if he has a girlfriend? She could be jealous at the fact that another female sent him a pricey gift. She could be making him be rude to you by not thanking you in any way for the gift. And does he turn your invites to lunch and what nots down on the phone or online.. if it is online I am also wondering if it could be a girlfriend on his email or facebook, or maybe an ex with his password. Because the things he said like. "You're such a bad mother, no wonder Luca's father didn't want to be in his son's life" and "Your son cries alot, go spend time with him because he's probably crying right now" "Go get pregnant again slut" really sounds like a catty female who gets to his phone and sends u messages like that.. doesn't normally sound like something a guy would do. Normally even if they don't want to be friends anymore they don't do it like that...