favorite low-end bra?


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hey guys what is your favorite bra that you can get at target or kohls, etc? i dont wanna go to victoria's secret for just a plain bra. i'd rather spend my gift card for there on more pretty things.

i need suggestions for both regular, and strapless / multi-way bras because when i wear strapless bras, they tend to always slip down and sometimes end up under my boobs. lol.

Tashona Helena

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Target's Gilligan & O'Malley lace push up gel bra is my absolute favorite.
They used to have a strapless...the ultimate strapless or something...I found mine on clearance so I dunno if they still have it or replaced it with something new but it's really comfy and stays in place.


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I liked the Jezebel bras that Macy's carries. They are really pretty, fit well and are about half the price of "Vickie's"


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The only place I've gotten bras besides VS was my local Chinatown. They were like $10/3 or 1 for $4. They lasted about 3-4 months before the wire poked out.. then again maybe that's cause I stuck them in the washing machine with all my other clothes instead of hand washing them...
Maybe check out your local asian.. town?
The ones I had were actually convertible and the brand had a tag thats yellow with a pink and blue flower. I actually liked them alot, they were comfy, till the stupid wire started poking out.


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I like JcPenney's Ambrielle line:

JCPenney : lingerie : ambrielle

They are usually buy one get one half off or buy 2 get 1 free. Also, JCPenney regulary mails out 10 off coupons... or 10-15% off entire order... so make sure you google a promo to print out before you go.

If you order online I recently received promo code BONUS53 for $10 off $50.


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I love Lily of France bras that I find at my local Ross. Ross sells them for $4.99-$7.99, which is SUPER AWESOME, so I buy a bunch whenever I can find them.
They sell them at department stores too, but for $32.00ish dollars, which is too expensive for my budget.


MaidenForm bras are awesome and you can get them at Kohls. I think they're more comfortable than Victoria's Secret.

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