Favourite purse brands?


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Chanel is my ultimate HG
!!!! LV is a close second and probably YSL too


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i, for one am not too much of a label lover, actually a purse person in general

if it wasn't for the cell phone, tampons, chapstick, and big wallet i have..i wouldn't carry a bag. drives me NUTS.

BUT if i had to choose, i like plain bags. i LOVE patent leather. D&B came out with some gorgeous ones from that actress chick Hayden P. but they were $500+

much rather invest in $500 of clothing


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Originally Posted by HerShe
Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton ( I LOVE my speedy)

Yay for Speedys! What size/line do you have?

I absolutely adored Louis Vuitton when I was younger and got a Monogram Speedy 25 (instead of Monogram cherries which was out at the time, doh!) which I use as my everyday bag. I don't have any other designer bags but would love to invest in a Chanel next.


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i like aldo (which is fairly cheap but lovely bags and amazing quality for price) and juicy couture.


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I used to be a bag whore, and I find it hard to have a 'favorite'. I love my LV speedy, balenciaga twiggy, chanel classic flap, chloe paddington...they each have their own style that I can't get enough of....!

but for regular beat-around bags, I buy them at TARGET! yes! they have the most A-MAZING bags!! I find myself buying a lot of the GO Designer bags. every quarter or so target teams up with premium designers to launch an affordable collection. My favorites are Devi Kroell, Loefller Randall, Anya Hindmarch, and Hayden Harnett. the quality is so damn good, and it's fraction of the price of what you pay at their boutiques...I really recommend everyone to check out target bags!!


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I currently own a D&B one and it's been my staple for the longest time. I feel like I need one or two new purses though, because I only have one at the moment and it's not enough :p

I like Juicy and Chanel a lot...I am not a purse fanatic so I don't know the ins and outs of certain brands. But I know that I am not the hugest fan of Coach - it's a little overrated to me and their purses aren't even that cute.


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Originally Posted by ohnutsitsCAITY
I love love love Fendi bags. I also love Burberry and Michael Kors. But my Fendi is definitely my baby.

i love my fendi spy, and use it everyday since i brought it. why should they only be special occasions, when you spend and arm and a leg on it!


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matt and nat.. i think they're from montreal.
I love going to a good Winners store to find great purses at good prices. The Vaughan Mills Winners store has a good selection..
I got this gorgeous grape cross body purse by Hilary Radley for a great price @ winners


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Well . . . given how high-end most people's tastes are, I feel a bit out of place saying this, but Fossil bags are my favorite, particularly the canvas ones. I typically buy a new one every year or so just for fun, though they NEVER wear out.

I have a friend with a real LV bag, and I have to admit I'm envious. It's beautiful. And I've seen some Coach and some Juicy bags that I loved, too. But I'm loyal to Fossil


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I'm new here but I'd love your opinion. Juicys were mentioned and I am a Juicy fan but I only have one. The leather Baby Fluffy. Black leather, standard Juicy. It's a couple years old but I never carry it because I don't really know about style/trend when you can and cannot carry a purse that you can't buy anymore. I mean, yes they still make baby fluffy but the one I have is of course an older version of the ones they sell now. I am an adult women, so it's kinda sad I don't know the answer to this. Can I carry this purse and not look like an outdated fashion fool? I don't know the rules.

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