Favourite purse brands?


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Coach all the way! But I only like leather bags. I haven't had an interest in any canvas bags by anyone, so that is probably a good thing! I won't spend more than 500-700 on a bag anyhow, and prefer to spend less since nothing lasts forever! Coach has some nice styles and colours that range from neutrals to colourful and just seem perfect for me.


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i really want to buy a leather coach bag. the ones that i have from coach are part leather part material - you know that sateen stuff? i am just fed up of my stuff getting dirty!


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It varies really. I have purses from Coach, Lucky Brand, Betsy Johnson, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors as well as heaps from 'no names' that I've fallen in love with.

Right now I'm carrying a Coach Kristin Hobo, like the leather but I do prefer the Coach leather on the classic bags of which i have many.


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Chanel and Marc by Marc Jacobs are what I usually tend to buy. If I had an unlimited money supply, I would get a balenciaga!!!


I have gifted my friends Aldo, MK and Coach and they simply loved it. That shows how these designers has an impact on the ladies that prefer carrying their stuff which looks amazingly lush.
I would say MK and Tommy Hilfiger has maintained a very decent market. They work on styles and when it comes to pricing they are appropriate too.


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My favourite are Lulu Guinness bags but I also like Ted Baker. I'm currently coveting a larger Dr Martens satchel for work and uni as I think it'll last and I'm a fan of the brand.


LV. But if I am in a work environment I've learned the hard way to try to avoid wearing my LV's so for an everyday type of look I like Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang.


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My Givenchy bag is my ultimate big-girl purchase that I don't regret at all. Madewell, Calvin Klein, and H&M (durable non-leather) have some very nice, underrated bags as well. I'm drooling over a Burberry satchel but its waaaaay out of budget.


I have to admit - I have an obsession with bags. Some people have shoes, others have jewelry, but I adore good bag. My favorite brand lately is Coach. :eek:

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